What Rory Gilmore’s Style Would Look Like Today

Prepare to lose literally all your chill, because a Gilmore Girls revival MIGHT be happening. It's as if they knew we were almost about to run out of shows to binge watch on Netflix or something. Literally no shame about that one at all.

Though Netflix won't comment on the reports yet, "no comment" definitely doesn't mean "no," so I think it's safe to let our heads spin in anticipation, and our minds wonder with WHAT has been going on with Rory and Lorelai?!

Rumor has it that the show will feature Rory in her 30s, so I would venture to guess that there's a lot to speculate on in terms of where she will be in personal life and career (I mean, that's a fairly big time jump) and the possibilities are pretty much endless, but what IS a little easier to predict? Rory's style.

Rory's preppy style was so classic that I don't think too much will have changed, and she always did tend to dress a little more mature than a high school student, so there's a good chance you'll see her in some of her old ensembles...maybe just a tad bit more sophisticated.

Here's a rundown of what we might expect from her style in the revival:

1. Plaid Dress

School uniforms can seriously have a lasting effect on your style.

I'm sure she'll incorporate plaid somewhere, and a dress is a bit less "school-girl" than a skirt. (Plaid Shirtdress; $34.94;

2. A Drapey Cardigan

She was always the definition of ladylike.

A drapey silhouette is a bit more modern than her buttoned-up version. (Drapey Open Cardigan; $69.50;

3. Cashmere Sweater

Rory loved her cable knit sweaters.

She may have traded in the cable knits by now, but a cashmere v-neck would be right up 30-year-old Rory's style-alley. (Cashmere Sweater; $190;

4. A White Button-Down

She was the definition of polished.

White just feels more adult than pink. (Tunic Softened Shirt; $54.50;

5. An Oversized Knit

Rory won the cozy sweater game, but they were always pretty form-fitting.

A chunky, oversized knit is more on trend today. (Knitted Poncho; $47;

6. A Tan Trench Coat

Though Rory's trench was chic and functional, the color was a little more youthful.

Tan=timeless. (Trouve Trench; $148;

7. A Patterned Wrap Dress

Rory's patterned dresses had a vintage feel to them, and sometimes lacked a shape.

But in her 30s, she may have graduated to the tailored wrap dress. (Irina Wrap Dress; $286.80;

Images: DVF; Nordstrom; ASOS; Loft; Old Navy; J.Crew