Lauren Graham Comments On 'Gilmore Girls' Revival

by Kaitlin Reilly

In absolutely amazing (maybe!) news, of your favorite family dramas could return to television. Well, not television, exactly: this drama may be headed to Netflix, which is just about as awesome as you think it is. According to TVLine, Gilmore Girls may get a Netflix revival, and it's everything you've ever hoped for. Now, Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham is speaking out, and her cryptic tweet on the subject will make you feel all of the feels. Could we really get another dose of the fast-talking, TV binging, coffee drinking Lorelei Gilmore? Graham's comment is making us even more anxious for this news to be confirmed.

According to TVLine's source on the alleged Gilmore Girls 2.0., the series will hit the streaming service with four 90-minute episodes, a la four "mini movies" featuring some of your favorite characters. TVLine also reports that this source can confirm that most of the major players are returning to Stars Hollow for the new Netflix season. Scott Patterson (Luke, a.k.a. Lorelei's one and only true bae), Kelly Bishop (Rory's grandmother Emily), and, of course, Alexis Bledel (Rory herself) are all expected to join, as is Graham to reprise her role of ultimate cool mom Lorelei. So what does Graham have to say about that? She's playing it coy, but maybe you can read some possible subtext in this tweet:

We still have no idea of the validity of the Netflix revival, but the most exciting thing about Graham's tweet is that it didn't deny anything. Anything more about Graham's potential Gilmore Girls return — or the return of the show itself — is pure speculation, but this tweet definitely begs about a million more questions.

Bustle reached out for comment from Netflix who stated that they were not commenting on the reports.