Kendra Wilkinson Chopped Off Her Hair Into A Lob

The lob continues to reign supreme on celeb heads in 2015! The latest starlet to rock the long bob? Oh, just reality star Kendra Wilkinson, who chopped off her hair! The former Girls Next Door starlet was always known for her long, thick, straight blonde hair. She was usually the epitome of the Cali blonde bombshell — her face framed by a cascade of golden locks. But the busy mom-of-two has hacked off her strands into a more manageable but just as sexy lob.

It's so chic and grown up!

This shoulder-grazing 'do appears bouncier, healthier, and spunkier, thanks to the fact that it has less volume and bulk. All of those layers add texture and versatility, as well. It appears that Wilkinson went with more of a white blonde shade this time out, too!

Long hair can project youth and it can be like a protective shield and a safety net, as Blake Lively noted. But Wilkinson, the former paramour of Hugh Hefner, confessed that letting go of her signature length and cutting her hair was actually a very freeing experience for her.

In her Instagram photo, Wilkinson joked that she was trying to adapt to having a bad hair day. I know not of what she speaks. Bad hair day? Is she serious? She looks absolutely amazeballs, thanks to the bounce and curls in her hair.

Shorter hair, don't care! The lob totally agrees with her. Own it, Kendra! Own it! You look fabulous, girl. That hair and that toothy smile are such a winning combo.

Once more, with feeling! It's a versatile cut that she can do a lot with. No soccer mom hair here.

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In case you somehow forgot, here's K. Wilkinson's usual long and golden blonde look. It was pretty, but a bit too familiar. It was high time for a change.

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The reality star is a stunner no matter how long or short she wears her hair. But I love that she changed up both the cut and the color at the same time without being too, too drastic. She eased into the new hairstyle in all of the right ways.

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Wilkinson's new cut and color are still in her wheelhouse. They are just better.

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Join me in saying "Buh-bye" to the stick straight Barbie hair. Kendra Wilkinson remains a beauty... with hair that's several inches shorter!

Images: Kendra Wilkinson/Instagram (2)