Billy Eichner & Anna Kendrick Seem Like BFFs

Billy Eichner's very loud yet endearing star is on the rise, but he's still committed to his original act that started as a web series, Billy On The Street, which premieres this Thursday on its new home at TruTV. In this sneak peak of Anna Kendrick on Billy On The Street, Billy plays "What Does Katy Perry's Cat Care About?" with the adorable Kendrick, and she's so cute with him in this clip that it seems like these two were made for each other. She should be his permanent sidekick on the show.

Spoiler alert: through a series of questions about the "Teenage Dream" singer Perry, who has a cat named Kitty Purry, Kendrick quickly deduces that Kitty Purry doesn't really care much about anything. But it's Kendrick and Billy's chemistry that's just so cute — and why wouldn't they get along? Kendrick is so lovable, and it's not only because of her amazing talents as an actress and singer. She's on top of the world as the star of Pitch Perfect, the a capella sensation that beat all the odds, and her next project coming out is the indie movie Digging For Fire. (Don't forget that she's an Oscar-nominated actress. Billy reminds her of that.)

Kendrick really seems just like a genuine, positive person, and she and Billy clearly adore each other. She's still awkward and adorable IRL, which is why I love her. And Billy Eichner himself is a goofball, to say the least, so it's no wonder they love each other. The cutest moment comes at the end of the clip, where Billy gives her a prize that is cheeky, of course, and they share an inside joke. They have great chemistry, and I want to see her running around with Billy on all the streets in all the new episodes.

Watch the clip below.

Image: truTV/YouTube