Olivia Wilde Just Perfectly Summed Up Parenthood

by Emily Glover

I've been known to roll my eyes whenever I catch those "Stars: They're Just Like Us!" features while flipping through a mag. You know the ones — they show A-listers ducking into grocery stores or getting mani-pedis in semi-public places. I guess I just don't find it particularly newsworthy or endearing to know that yes, Jennifer Aniston also opts for the 10-minute foot rub while getting a pedicure. But what I do appreciate is when celebs offer real peeks into their lives — like when Olivia Wilde Instagrammed a photo that captured new motherhood at its finest over the weekend. Or make that, in all its messy-haired, totally exhausted, doing it for the love of the kid glory. And she totally nailed it.

When we usually see Wilde, she's either killing it on the red carpet alongside her fiance Jason Sudeikis or starring in a new on-screen role, like this winter's upcoming holiday flick, Love The Coopers . But most days, Wilde is busy playing mom to one very lucky little guy: her son, Otis. Just like your typical 18-month-old toddler, Otis apparently loves making a big mess around the house and expressing his fashion sense by wearing Mom's bra atop his head.

After sharing one picture showing Otis' stylish look, Wilde followed up with another of her own messy hairdo and added, "I call this hairstyle, 'keep the kid alive.' Products you'll need: sweat, string cheese, diaper rash cream, chewed up crayon, snot, and an enthusiastic spritz of panic."

Considering most Instagram feeds tend to feature only the most picture-perfect moments, it's pretty refreshing to get the occasional reminder that no one — even celebs — are Instagram-ready all the time. So in the spirit of keeping it real, here are some other celeb moms who aren't afraid to show us what's really going on in between all those red carpet moments.

Selma Blair

Aside from being the star of the upcoming American Crime Story, Blair is also a single mother to four-year-old Arthur Saint Bleick. Recently, Blair shared a photo of her son's makeup skills, adding, "There isn't one moment his little hands have touched, that I have not thanked G-d for this time. He wanted to make me look scary... I have never felt more beautiful. Or loved."

Hilary Duff

As a single mom to three-year-old Luca, Hilary Duff is often responsible for carrying her son's bags, making the doctor's office fun and managing chaotic play times.

Busy Phillips

Busy Phillips sure earns her first name by chasing around her two kids, seven-year-old Birdie and two-year-old Cricket. As such, Phillips documents the highs and lows of parenthood on Instagram. Take one of her latest posts, which she captioned: "I should take this opportunity while Cricket is napping and Birdie is out to lunch with Marc to unpack all our stuff from South Carolina and organize. But so far, sitting in Cricket's old rocking chair and feeling overwhelmed is all I can manage."

Alyssa Milano

As mom to four-year-old Milo and one-year-old Elizabella, Milano doesn't just share cute pictures of her kids on Instagram — she also uses the platform to advocate for breastfeeding, which is pretty awesome.

Thanks to these awesome moms for keepin' it way real — especially when it comes to parenting. (AKA the realest life moments of all.)