40 Awesome, Affordable Gift Ideas

'Tis the season to celebrate the ones you love by showering them with gifts. It's also the season to stress about what those gifts should be. Luckily, I've have assembled 40 awesome, affordable gift ideas for when you have no clue what to get. No wandering the desert — I mean, the mall, for hours pouring over the same gifts everyone else is pouring over. No endless clicking through an Internet black hole of overwhelming choices. And no giving the people you care about the equivalent of a sweater with a fuzzy duck on it.

The following gifts do more than take up space in a gift bag. They show that you value your friends and family, pay attention to their interests, and fondly celebrate the memories you've made together. Adding a little bit of a personal touch is what takes a gift from average to epic. The right gift with the right thought doesn't have to be extravagant or expensive. It just has to touch the heart a little. And isn't that what the holiday's are really about?

The list below is sure to have something on it for those hard-to-shop-for people. It's loaded with feminist sass, body positivity, book love and keepsakes. You won't be disappointed.

1. Cosmetic Mat Clutch

Lay-n-Go Cosmo , $27, A mazon

For your friend who needs a little extra help getting from counter mess to out-the-door.

2. Pet Bracelet

Personalized Charm, $20, Soufeel

This is an especially thoughtful gift if you know someone who lost a pet.

3. Feminist Earrings

Pastel Pink Feminist Stud Earrings, $11, Amazon

For the patriarchy smasher who always has her ears to the ground.

4. Body Positive Bracelet

Stop Hating Your Body Bracelet, $18, Chubby Chico

For your friends with the strong body pos game.

5. Spiral Slicer

GEFU Spirelli Spiral Slicer , $17, Amazon

This was the trendy, must-have kitchen gadget of the year.

6. Cat Hangers

The Stupell Home Decor Collection Cat Hanger , $25, A mazon

These are just so dang funny!

7. Candle That Smells Like Old Books

Old Book Scented Candle , $32, Amazon

This is probably the greatest thing you could ever get a book lover, besides, of course, books.

8. Coffee Plush

Yummy World Small Latte Plush Ornament, $6, YummyWorld

Let all your coffee-obsessed co-workers know that you support their addictions.

9. Grown Up Coloring Book

A dult Coloring Book : Stress Relieving Patterns , $12, A mazon

Relieve stress like back in your kindergarten days.

10. Nikki Tutorials Power Of Makeup Palettes

Nikki Tutorials Power Of Makeup Palettes, $56, Too Faced

Thie must-have palette from everyone's favorite YouTubbe MUA.

11. Brain Specimen Coasters

Brain Specimen Coasters, $20, ThinkGeek

12. Body Pos T-Shirt

My Body Is Freaking Awesome Shirt, $31, Zaazzle

Truth bombs make great gifts.

13. Cardigan Clips

Vintage Style Sweater Clips , $13, Amazon

For the friend who likes to keep her sweaters in check.

14. Infinite Ombre Ice Edition

Formula X Infinite Ombré Ice Edition - Nail Design Set , $24, Amazon

This kit, which blew up all over Instagram, lets you make some of the easiest and most impressive nail designs ever.

15. Gone For a Run BibFOLIO Plus Race Bib and Medal Display

Gone For a Run BibFOLIO Plus Race Bib and Medal Display , $50, Amazon

Because we all have that one friend who, like, exercises and stuff.

16. Lab Shot Glasses

Laboratory Shot Glasses, $20, Amazon

To explore the science of partying.

17. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Macusa Hair Bow

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Macusa Hair Bow , $10, Amazon

Because you know where to find them, and you want everyone to know.

18. Beginner Crystal Set

7 Piece Assorted Polished Gemstones with Stone Bracelet , $10, Amazon

All your witchy, new-age friends are addicted to crystals.

19. Best Night Ever Party Survival Kit

Pinch Provisions Best Night Ever Kit, $27, Sephora

Legendary party hero status starts with being the person who has an extra earring back, some double sided tape, a band-aid, and a mascara.

20. Wine Sippy Cup

Vino 2 Go Wine Insulated Tumbler , $12, A mazon

No more party fails!

21. Cat Flask

Cats Patterns Hip Flask, $31, Zazzle

You don't really need a reason to buy this. Just buy it.

22. I Heart Internet

Internet Heart Gold Mirror Acrylic Necklace, $18, Etsy

This would look great in a selfie.

23. Dream Catchers

Custom Crochet Doily + Lace Dream Catcher, $22, Etsy

You're the kind of nice friend who wants sweet dreams for all.

24. Portable Phone Charger

Cactus What You Preach Battery Pack in Geo, $20, ModCloth

For that friend whose phone always dies mid-text.

25. Coffee Cozie

Claim Your Chai Cup Sleeve, $13, ModCloth

Because no friend of yours will use common cardboard cozies. Not on your watch.

26. Name String Art

Name String Art on Barn Wood, $20, Etsy

Last names are cool for family and first names are more fun for friends.

27. Cubicle Terrarium

Cubicle Terrarium , $26, Amazon

No friend of yours deserves a dreary cubicle. Not on your watch.

28. Radical Feminist Pins

Radical Feminist Badges, $17, Amazon

Pretty rad for pretty cheap. Wear them to the milion woman march!

29. Thelma And Louise Tees

Thelma And Louise T-Shirts. Set of 2, $40, Etsy

Probably the greatest bestie gift of all time.

30. Coffee Plants

Grow Your Own Coffee , $13, A mazon

For the coffee-obsessed friend with everything.

31. theBalm Manizer Sisters Highlighters

theBalm Manizer Sisters Highlighters , $27, Amazon

For your friend with the most envious glow up.

32. LORAC Happy Hour Hues Alter Ego Lip Gloss Set

LORAC Happy Hour Hues Alter Ego Lip Gloss Set, $25, Amazon

Because your friend who thinks they can't pull off a purple lip is totally wrong.

33. Book Page Art Work

Alice Watching Butterflies Mixed Media Print On Upcycled Vintage Page, $8, Etsy

This gift is kind of nerdy, kind of artsy and pretty original.

34. butter LONDON Velvet Rope VIP Set

butter LONDON Velvet Rope VIP Set , $150, Amazon

Because there's no such thing as "too expensive" for your nail-loving bestie.

35. Sloths 2016 Calendar

Sloths 2017 Calendar , $11, Amazon

Celebrate the world's greatest animal 365 days a year.

36. Kindle Fire HD

Kindle Fire HD , $40, Amazon

The price has really come down on tablets. This one's a great value with great reviews.

37. Encouraging Crafts

Brilliant Resilience Hoop Art, $25, ModCloth

Life is tough, but your friends are tougher.

38. Romantic Throw Pillow

Good Morning Gorgeous | Throw Pillow, $30, Zazzle

The person you love can start each day on a bright note.

39. PLAYMOBIL Flower Fairy With Unicorn "Sun Beam" Playset

PLAYMOBIL Flower Fairy with Unicorn "Sun Beam" Playset , $30, Amazon

Sometimes self care means playing with your fairy and unicorn toys.

40. iPhone Lenses

CamKix - IV3NC iPhone 5C Camera Lens Kit , $38 A mazon

Help a friend take her selfie game to the next level.

You got this. Just consider your friends' hobbies and interests, mine your favorite memories and the perfect gift will shake out.

Images: Courtesy Brands