This Is How YouTube Beauty Vloggers Do Halloween

by Jessica Willingham

If you’re anything like me, you love watching YouTube beauty vloggers talk through the pros and cons of an eyebrow pencil or how to correctly use liquid lipstick. YouTube beauty bloggers keep me looking semi-put together and help me save money. While I love them, their true talents lie in Halloween makeup, where their artistic chops shine. Here are the best Halloween makeup tutorials from your favorite YouTube beauty vloggers.

C’mon, admit it: We knew they were talented, but every year they surprise us with more intricate and spooky makeup tutorials. It’s one thing to blend out a smoky eye, but it takes another level of skill to transform a face into a hallow skeleton or blood dripping vampire. But that’s exactly what these makeup artists did. Their talents are on full display this Halloween, and they’ve created looks and tutorials that any one of us can recreate at home using makeup we already have.

Part of the reason these gals (and guys) are so successful in makeup is their creativity with products. A cheek stain can become eye shadow and vice versa — there are no rules about what, how, and wear you can use your favorite products.

Here are some of the most popular YouTube beauty vloggers and their best Halloween looks.

1. Kandee Johnson's Cute Doll Costume

Every once in a while, Johnson's adorable daughter makes a cameo in her videos. If you have kids to dress, you can create matching costumes. If not, recreate this makeup look on yourself!

2. Michelle Phan's Sailor Moon Costume

Spooky and mystical, this costume is attention grabbing without being super scary. If you want to swap the eyeshadow for a different color, you can as long as you're using the same technique to blend.

3. NikkiTutorials' Queen of the Dead Costume

This is an unexpected look from the usually sweet and girlie Nikki. It looks so intimidatingly hard, but her tutorial breaks it down into doable steps.

4. Alex Faction's Beetlejuice Costume

As always, Faction turned up for Halloween. He's known for intense, character transformations, and this one does not disappoint. Throw some black and white stripped pants on and you're good to go!

5. Christen Dominique's Vampire Costume

If all you have is makeup and some last minute inspiration thanks to this tutorial, you can go dressed in all black. Or you can rock a Bella Swan costume with a prom dress. Really, this is a quick costume you can throw together in a flash — the makeup says it all.

6. Desi Perkin's Skull Makeup Costume

Headed to dance the night away at a costume party? These neon colors will get you noticed. Keep your makeup on all night by using a primer and/or setting spray — it'll help make it last all night long!

7. Dulce Candy's Creepy Broken Doll Costume

Tired of cute costumes? This is a great alternative to princess makeup. I would skip the "costume" makeup at the store and go for a light, drugstore foundation and black eyeliner to recreate this look.

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Images via NikkiTutorials/YouTube