Sia's "Alive" Lyric Video Continues To Inspire Us

For the past month, I've been unabashedly rocking out to Sia's "Alive." The motivational song is the inspiration we all need to overcome our obstacles and because it's Sia, the vocal aspect is so amazing. The singer just dropped her "Alive" lyric video and it captures the creativity and innovation we've come to expect from her.

From the first verse, the song is framed from the perspective of a fighter. "I was born in a thunderstorm / I grew up overnight / I played alone / I'm playing on my own / I survived," Sia sings. Likewise, the graffiti-filled visual shows a group of hooded people wearing wigs that mirror Sia's hair charging out onto the streets. They begin to spray paint the lyrics of the song on various surfaces, which is such a cool way to bring the track to life.

As the video progresses, it shows other graffiti art besides the lyrics. The instances primarily happen when Sia is hitting one of "those" notes where she's seriously belting. Again, the artwork adds another dimension to an already powerful song. Slay on, Sia. Slay on.

The lyrics "I found solace in the strangest place / Way in the back of my mind / I saw my life in a stranger's face / And it was mine" are especially poignant. Watching the hooded artists — whose faces are never revealed, by the way — run through the city is a reminder that we're not alone in our struggles.

The concept of graffiti lends itself well to the visual. After all, it's arguably a beautiful way to breathe life into a stark urban setting. And, as Sia's lyrics attest, sometimes the fight to survive is the strongest one we have to endure. You can check out Sia's "Alive" lyric video above.