Halloween Body Bags And 4 Other Creepy Halloween Decoration Tutorials To Freak Out Your Friends

'Tis the season for decking your halls with bowels and folly. It's no mystery why people love Halloween and its month-long prelude so much, as humans are evolutionarily wired to enjoy being spooked. So, scientifically speaking, you're doing your friends a favor when you give them a major case of the creeps with these DIY Halloween body bags, and other creepy Halloween decorations. It's your singular duty as friend and host to set the scene with a spooky backdrop at your Halloween party — plus, people are gonna need a place to take their Instagram-worthy costume photos.

The best part about all of these tutorials is that they're all easy to pull off, and pull off well, on a tight budget, so you can maximize your scare potential without the fear of cutting into your November guacamole budget, because I think we can all agree that would be a real reason to scream. You probably even have a lot of the supplies for these crafts already lying around your house, believe it or not.

So, grab a handful of pumpkin seeds, and sit back while these YouTube tutorials transport your Halloween decoration game into another dimension. Let's get crafty, ghouls and goblins.

DIY Body Bags

Danica Paulie on YouTube

With some trash bags, newspaper, and duct tape, you can turn your yard into a grim scene.

Bugs, Bugs Everywhere

xoJahtna on YouTube

As a person who grew up in the American South, nothing says terror to me like seeing giant bugs crawling around out of the corner of my eye. This video comes with two bonus crafts that are also pretty wonderful.

Nasty-Looking Heads In A Jar

Tanya Memme on YouTube

The process for this one is funny, and quite interactive. It's the most involved of any of these crafts, but just look at how gnarly they turn out in the end!

Handless Ghost Glove

Gillian Bower on YouTube

Start this video at around 3:45 for instructions on how to pose a ghostly glove that seems to come to life, even with no hand inside.

Easy Zombie Bite Makeup

howtoPRANKitup on YouTube

So, this one is more of a costume than a decoration, but if you're trying to creep out your friends, this seems like a great place to start. And to think that this process involves toilet paper is truly impressive.

Happy haunting, everyone!

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Image: clownfish/Flickr