Meet The 1st Ever Country Artist on Team Pharrell

by Jessica Molinari

And just like that, The Voice Battle Rounds are over! But not until Pharrell got his final steal. Aspiring country megastar Morgan Frazier, 22, was the lucky recipient of that steal. Frazier got eliminated from Team Blake after her battle against 16 year-old Emily Ann Roberts. Evenly matched and equally talented, Shelton ultimately gave the spot to Roberts because he felt he could do more to help her. While this is totally true and very noble of him, it left more experienced Frazier in the dust. Luckily for her, Pharrell was craving his first country artist. So how will this new duo perform? Time will tell, but something tells me Pharrell has quite a few tricks up his sleeve.

Having never coached a country artist before, it will be interesting to see what Pharrell can do with Frazier's country sound. Since she's already made a small career for herself in Nashville, Frazier can hold her own both vocally and on the stage. Pharrell's guidance will only inject her country sound with new layers and really take her talent to the next level. As an incredible producer, Pharrell definitely has a plan in mind for Frazier — and I can't wait to see what he has in store.

Even with Pharrell's guidance, though, does Frazier have what it takes to take home The Voice title? As much as I'd love to see a country artist NOT on Team Blake take home the win, my guess is probably not. Frazier is definitely talented, but she's not different enough as a country artist to stand out in this competition. There are so many voices like hers already in the industry, she'd really have to find a way to stand out if she were to make it much further in this competition. Sure, Pharrell's coaching will add new dimensions to her sound, but it will probably only gift her with what she needs to keep fighting on her own in Nashville. But who knows, she could prove to be this season's underdog — we all know at this point in the game that anything can happen.

Image: Tyler Golden/NBC