An Easy 'Teen Titans' Raven Halloween Costume That Will Make You Feel Like A Dark Hero

Halloween is the only holiday of the year that can require up to two months of planning. You would think that honor would fall to Christmas, or maybe Valentine's Day, but it seems like, if you want to win your office costume party, then you're going to put a significant amount of foresight and planning into your Halloween costume, right? Wrong. Because if you're considering finding a Raven from Teen Titans Halloween costume on the fly, it doesn't require two months of planning and a lot of tears. No, you can pull this costume together as quickly as it takes you to click "Confirm Order."

As Raven is one of the most recognizable members of the team, not to mention one of the coolest, this is sure to make you a hit with those as into superhero media as you are. Listen, I know all about last minute Halloween costumes. Every year, I just end up going to Party City a week before Halloween and picking up whatever's left after the mad dash. However, a last minute Halloween costume doesn't necessarily have to mean a bad Halloween costume, and these easy items will have you feeling like a badass faster than you can say, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos."

The Cape

You can get this blue and black cape on ebay. Since Raven's cape is frequently blue on the outside and black on the inside, you might want to turn this inside out when you put it on. You can find the red and gold brooch to tie the cape closed on Lemon Kitscharms.

The Wig

Violet Bob Wig with Bangs, $17, Party CIty

You can get a purple wig from just about anywhere, but I suggest this bob wig from Party City. It comes with bangs, so you can cut the front of it to right style yourself — or keep the bangs if you think you look better with bangs.

The Leotard

Long Sleeve Mock Neck Leotard, $20, Dance Wear Solutions

You would think a long-sleeved, high collared black leotard would be difficult or expensive to find, but not so. Dancewear Solutions is practically giving this one away.

The Belt

Ravens Belt, $30, Etsy

If you don't want to break open the bank on the most accurate version of the belt, you can get this gorgeous hand-crafted version from Etsy.

The Boots

Blue ankle boots are easy to find, but I personally suggest snatching up this pair from Overstock.

The Makeup

MegaMariofan1 on YouTube

You can find several excellent makeup tutorials online that will teach you how to achieve Raven's unique grey pallor, and draw your own version of the jewel on her forehead, but I like this one the most. It's very simple to follow and will have you looking like Raven in under five minutes.

See what I mean? Just kick back, relax, and wait for these items to arrive at your front door, so you can dress to impress on Halloween.

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