9 Easy Date Night Craft Projects

by Teresa Newsome

Crafty ladies, strap in because you're about to have a moment of glee. Why? Easy date night craft projects, that's why! I know, so awesome. Instead of going to the movies or to dinner, you can stay in, get your hands dirty, bond, get creative, and see where the night takes you. Doing so might even be good for your relationship. According to an article by Elizabeth Bernstein in the Wall Street Journal, couples who share hobbies and spend time doing activities together are happier than couples who don't. Activities like crafts release chemicals in your brain that make your brain happy, in much the same way that falling in love does. As an added bonus, you also create memories and keep your relationship interesting.

After each craft tutorial, I've included an idea about how to incorporate the item you created into your relationship to seriously up the cute factor and romance level of date night. And if you're not really into having craft stuff laying around, you can use this time to make gifts for family and friends. Make sure you pick crafts you both want to make, as you won't get the bonding and happiness brain chemicals if you're both not into it, according to Bernstein.

1. Movie Night Baskets

You can make a couple of these up ahead of time with your favorite snacks and tuck a DVD into the basket, so when you're spending a night in, you have something romantic and special to enjoy. This is also a great idea for care packages for those couples who Netflix together long-distance.

2. 365 Things I Love About You Jar

Later on, when you have an argument or hit a rough patch, you can both pull a few reasons out of the jar and remember all the things that your partner loves you.

3. Framed Leaf

Do this project after a romantic walk in a place that has pretty leaves and you'll have a memento of your date.

4. Earbud Holder

If you want something more useful, these keep your earbuds from turning into a tangled ball of knotted mess.

5. Crayon Candle

The best thing about this bonding activity is that once you're done, you can use the candles to set the mood for sexytimes.

6. Wire Wrapped Bottles

Pick a bottle with a wider mouth and put your change in it. Once it's full, cash it in and use the money for a fancy date.

7. Dreamcatcher

No more bad dreams. Plus, you can talk about your dreams while you make these. Or head to the bedroom to snuggle and sleep so you can test them out.

8. Paracord Bracelets

These are addictive. They're also a pretty quick activity, if you don't want to spend all night getting creative.

9. Paper Gun That Shoots

This one looks really fun and the ensuing competitions could be even more fun.

Bonding, being creative, having fun and having something to show for it when you're done so that you can remember your date forever sounds like a great combination to me.

Images: Pixabay