Beast Mode Frappuccino From Starbucks And Marshawn Lynch Will Get You Pumped — And Pumped For A Good Cause, At That

What do you get when you combine Starbucks, an NFL running back, and a good cause? The Beast Mode Frappuccino, that's what. That's right: Starbucks has teamed up with Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch on a new Frappuccino, the proceeds from which will benefit Lynch's foundation to help inner city Oakland youth. It's available in Washington State and the Oakland area all season, so drink up!

According to Starbucks, the Beast Mode Frappuccino consists of "a double mocha Frappuccino with a hint of mint and cream and just enough protein powder to unleash your inner Beast Mode." It's also topped with whipped cream, purple berry drizzle, and matcha. Lynch himself even helped to develop the beverage which now bears his nickname.

I’d drink this before a workout,” Lynch reportedly said after mixing up the drink. “You could get your buff on with this.” Gym rats everywhere, take note.

But even beyond the potential benefits the protein-powder infused beverage might have for your workout, it also will benefit underprivileged kids as well. For every Beast Mode Frappuccino sold, Starbucks will donate 24 cents — which is also Lynch's number — to the foundation he co-created with Forty-Niners quarterback Joshua Johnson: the Fam 1st Family Foundation. The foundation, which works with kids in Lynch and Johnson's hometown of Oakland, "is dedicated to uplifting and empowering youth in the Bay Area and throughout the United States."

Now that's a worthy cause if ever there was one.

The Beast Mode Frappuccino will be available in Washington State and the Oakland area starting on Oct. 22 and will be staying around for the rest of football season. Starbucks will donate up to $100,000 of the proceeds to the Fam 1st Family Foundation. So if you live near a participating store, now might be a good time to see if you, too, can tap into your beast mode — you probably won't be heading to the Super Bowl, but who knows? With the power of Starbucks and of Marshawn Lynch's blessing, anything is possible. And at the very least, trying one supports a good cause.

Images: Starbucks (2)