Why This Mom Throws Hundreds Of Birthdays A Year

To one little girl, Paige Chenault is just mommy. But now, to the rest of the world, she's the woman who throws birthday parties for kids in shelters. During the excitement of her first pregnancy, Chenault looked forward to celebrating milestones with her daughter. As a professional party planner, she couldn't wait to throw her daughter some amazing birthday parties. But when she came across of a photo of a malnourished, young homeless boy, her carefree excitement faded. That young boy would never have the opportunity to feel celebrated the way her daughter would.

That image and thought resonated deeply in Chenault. And two years later, The Birthday Party Project was born. Each month, Chenault and her associates travel to a different homeless shelter or transitional shelter to throw a party for the kids with birthdays falling in that month. The birthdays include all the essentials: themes, dance parties, crafts, games, gifts, and cake. The celebrations have spread like candle fire, from Kansas City to Minneapolis, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City. Chenault has over 180 birthday parties booked for the next year.

Three years after the organization's inception, Chenault is making a name for herself in the non-profit world, granting wishes for kids who don't even know how to blow out the candles. I think it's safe to say that her own little girl won't ever take a birthday party for granted. Having a mom like Chenault is a gift in itself!

Themed birthday party in Dallas

This month's theme was Monster Mash. Parties featured monster cakes, crafts and dress up.

Getting crafty in San Fransisco

All the art supplies they could dream of, keeping them busy and creative all afternoon.

Let them eat cake!

Chenault has said that many of these children have their first taste of cake at these parties. Judging by this little girl's expression, it won't be the last time.

All out

The folks at The Birthday Project go all out for each party. They make sure these kids don't leave the party without a sugar high, a face full of paint, a stomach full of cake and a smile. To learn more about the organization and how you can volunteer, click here.

Image: Pixabay; Courtesy Of The Birthday Party Project