7 Hacks For Bad Hair Days

I hate bad hair days, and something tells me I'm not alone. They're not only supremely annoying, but they always seem to crop up on those days when you need them the least (job interviews, anyone?) Luckily, there are definitely bad hair day hacks to regain control for those times when you're hair just isn't cooperating.

For better or worse, feeling good about my hair — at least when I actually want it to look put together and am not just running to the grocery store in my pajamas— can genuinely make me feel more cheerful and confident. There's just something about that extra little oomph of a good hair day that gives you a skip in your step. And unfortunately, bad hair days can sometimes do just the opposite. They can make you feel like your day is already starting off on the wrong note, or worse, make you feel self-conscious when you have way better things you could be thinking about.

That's why having a few simple go-tos for nipping bad hair days in the bud can actually be super helpful and just make life a little easier. Here are seven bad hair day hacks to help the next time your hair is giving you trouble.

1. Braid It Out

In an article on fixing every possible bad hair scenario on Real Simple, editor of style blog HairRomance Christine Butcher recommended a simple braid for days when your hair feels unmanageable. “Braids actually look better in dirty hair and they hold better,” Butcher said. Plus, doing something a little different with your hair always freshens your look.

2. Remember That Dry Shampoo Is Your Friend

Butcher also strongly recommended dry shampoo for those days when your hair looks greasy or oily but you just don't have the time to wash and blow dry. My personal favorite brand at the moment is Klorane Dry Shampoo Powder, as it absorbs excess oil while also somehow making my hair look soft and voluminous.

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3. Embrace Headbands

This tip is especially good if you're growing out your bangs and they're in that impossible in-between stage. Alle Connell, Senior Editor at xoVain, has a great YouTube video on super cute ways to wear headbands and tame that wily fringe.

4. Tie It Up

Lexi Novak, Associate Editor at Allure, recommended just twisting your unwieldy locks into a bun on the top of your head “to make it look more luxurious," and then spraying it lightly with hair spray to create the illusion of shine. It takes your look from messy to put-together in literally minutes.

5. Mix Up Your Part

Novak also recommended creating a deep side part and securing your hair back with a pin on the side of your head opposite to the part. She said side parts are not only very flattering, but parting your hair on the side you usually don't gives your hair instant body and lift.

6. Prepare For Hat Hair

We all know that hat hair is the worst, but according to Butcher, it doesn't have to ruin your hair for the whole day. She recommended just switching up your part to the other side before you put your hat on. Then, when you get to work or wherever you're going, simply take the hat off and reverse the part to your normal side, preventing super flat hair on the crown.

7. A.B.B. (Always Be Bobbying)

YouTuber Caitlin Bea recommended always having bobby pins on hand as a super fast and handy way to clean up your messy hair and make you look more put together almost instantly. And if you're not a fan of pins, some basic snap clips also always do the trick.

A bad hair day doesn't have to ruin your mood or your confidence. Just throw it up into a stylish bun or braid or pin it back for looks that will more than likely get you some major compliment action.

Images: StarMama, Maria Mori,TheChanel/Flickr; Pexels