9 Tricks For Getting Major Volume In Your Hair

Girls with fine, flat locks know how hard it is to achieve major volume throughout your hair. A slight lift at the roots is one thing, but extreme in-your-face volume is all whole different ballgame. Many websites will tell you to turn to extensions in order to achieve outlandish hair heights. However, you don't need to turn to fake hair in order to plump up your strands. There are several ways to achieve gorgeous looking volume without using hair extensions. It's all about reevaluating your current hair styling routine.

First, take a look at the products that you're using. Avoid any products that use heavy oils or conditioners. These products tend to weigh down the hair shaft. Instead, gravitate to products that offer to cleanse your scalp, and lift your hair. Having a cleaner scalp means that your roots won't be weighed down by product buildup. This means that whatever products you do use to plump up your hair will have a grander effect as they aren't fighting against buildup. Let flat, limp hair be a thing of the past. Here are a few tips and tricks that will leave your hair looking full, voluminous, and absolutely sexy.

1. Start At The Scalp

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As mentioned earlier, thicker looking hair starts at the scalp. Cleanse your roots, and remove product build up by reaching for shampoos and conditioners that offer cleansing benefits.

2. Towel Dry Your Ends

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After you get out of the shower, towel dry the ends of your hair. This method roughens up the shaft of your hair, which adds more texture to the strand, according to Cosmopolitan.

3. Flip Your Hair

Consider flipping over your hair next time your pull out your blow dryer. Using this method adds volume to your roots without using any product. It's a great way to plump up your strands, and lock in volume all day long, according to

4. Use Hot Rollers

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Whether you're looking for more volume at your roots or an all over style, consider adding hot rollers into your hair styling routine. Your grandma used these bad boys for a reason. According to the experts over at Divine Caroline, the curlers are perfect for adding dimension and volume to your hair. For adding height, spray the rollers with a bit of hairspray while the curlers are cooling. This will add structure and hold to the look.

5. Change Your Part

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If you're looking for instant volume, switch your hair's natural part. According to, this will help lift your hair, and make the top of your strands look more voluminous.

6. Tease It

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Don't shy away from teasing your hair. It's a great way to add lift and volume all over. If you're worrying about damaging your strands, then simply let your conditioner sit in your hair for longer once you shower. The conditioning properties will release the teased hair without damaging the strands.

7. Curl Your Crown Correctly

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When curling the top section of your hair, make sure to push the curling iron towards your forehead. This will lock in the volume as it gives height to your roots. The motion gives the hair added volume and lift.

8. Choose "Filloxane"

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Look for products that list filloxane as an ingredient. L'Oreal Paris swears by the stuff to help plump the hair by adding volume to the individual strands. It's an easy way to nourish your hair from the inside out.

9. Trim Your Ends


Your hair cut could be the reason that your hair is falling flat. The experts at recommend Add dimension to your hair by cutting in layers, and trimming off any dead ends. This will add bounce, and life back into your hair.

Banish flat hair forever. Use these fun tricks to keep your hair looking bouncy, and voluminous.

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