How To Download The iOS 9.1 New Emoji Update

by Dasha Fayvinova

Attention, Internet: the new iPhone iOS 9.1 update is here, and now you can find out how to download the new emojis that come with it! That's right. This new update not only provides you with a Live Photo movement sensor, but over 100 new emoji that will give your text game new life. What's that Carol? You want me to tell you what I'm eating for lunch, Carol? How about I show you with this taco emoji?! Take that Carol from accounting! (Carol from accounting and I have a long history, which I won't go into for the sake of not tarnishing the beautiful emoji news of today).

Seriously though, you guys have no idea how dope these new emoji are. We have finally gotten the middle finger, a glorious gesture which (hopefully) I will not need to explain to you. Not to mention new ones that you will scratch your head over for hours. Trust me, there is a place and a time for every single one of them, so do not give up!

Emoji are the common-(wo)man's way of communicating these days. If modern news media is to be believed, teens and tweens are solely communicating through emoji, and emoji alone. With the advance of technology, these same kids will most likely be your bosses in the next ten years, so you should really get on that train. Start brushing up on your Red Dress Woman and Snow Cone emoji by updating your emoji game with the following steps:

1. Locate Your Settings Icon

My settings icon is the most used button on my phone so it's always on my first screen. Yours could be somewhere else. Find it. Click it.

2. Find The General Button

It should be easy to find. Click it.

3. Check On Software Update

One of the first few options will be a tab called Software Update. It will have the newest version of iOS whatever. You want to click on this.

4. Install and Worship Me As Your God

If you follow the instruction on the next screen, your phone will automatically restart and show you the following.

You are ready to message all of your friends with your new emoji and watch their reactions. I did this and the results were perfect:

My Mother

If your friends or parents don't have the new update they will not be able to see your handy work. That's why you should remind them to update their phone in order to enjoy you as a person.


Ah, the pure joys of friendship. They always know exactly what you mean, no matter what.


Do I recommend you send them to your boss? No. Did I get fired? Pending.

Enjoy this new update, and I hope you reach your full potential in the texting world!

Images: Dasha Fayvinova (7)