Who's Ramona On 'AHS: Hotel'? Angela Bassett's Character Is Going To Shake Things Up

There's a new visitor at Hotel Cortez, and it's a familiar face for American Horror Story fans. Back, with two breasts this time, is Angela Bassett as Ramona on AHS: Hotel . I know what you're thinking, finally. Even though American Horror Story: Hotel is in its infancy, the first two episodes without Bassett felt empty. Ramona is joining the hotel gang, but she's not coming with an edible arrangement. In fact, it sounds like she is coming to the hotel with a carry-on suitcase filled with revenge.

So far, The Countess (Lady Gaga) has been sitting pretty. She's been killing people and not attracting any attention doing it. But, after she took Tristan under her vampire-like wing, and dumped Donovan (he just wanted to marathon-watch House of Cards!), she might find herself under a bit of fire, led by Ramona.

So how does Ramona fit into this? Well, this isn't Ramona's first time at Hotel Cortez. Not only is she connected to the hotel through her past, but she's also potentially going to change the future of the hotel.

Here's everything we know about Angela Bassett's character Ramona on American Horror Story: Hotel.

She's A Hollywood Actress

Well, she used to be an actress. According to Bassett, who spoke with TV Guide, Ramona is "rather retired right now." Retired or not, I think we can all agree that Bassett as a Hollywood actress is going to be amazing.

She's Connected To The Countess

The Countess and Ramona used to have a very passionate relationship. According to Bassett in TV Guide, her relationship with Gaga went "off the rails." Now, the two are opposed to the other being happy, which sounds like some trouble in paradise for The Countess, and it's about damn time. She was getting away with too much bad stuff.

She Doesn't Live At The Hotel

Ramona doesn't live at the hotel, but that's probably a good thing, right? Considering the majority of the people at the hotel are dead...

We Don't Know If She's Infected

Bassett wouldn't say if she was infected with "the virus" that all of the "vampires" have. Something tells me she's going to be the one exception of The Countess' lovers, making her alive and well.

She's Going To Work With Donovan

Donovan is, like, definition of scorned ex-lover of The Countess. And because Ramona wants to find The Countess' weak spot, she enlists Donovan to help. This probably means that these two aren't the biggest fans of Tristan, The Countess' new lover.

Her Addiction Might Be Adoration

Everyone has an addiction this season, right? Knowing that Ramona is an actress, it wouldn't be that crazy if she is addicted to adoration and admiration. My guess is that she had that from The Countess, and she wasn't happy when it ended.

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