Christine McConnell's Monster House Makeover Is The Greatest Halloween Home Improvement Project Ever

Can you even imagine bringing a kid trick-or-treating to this house without them bawling their eyes out? Artist, photographer, and baker Christine McConnell turned her love of creepy things into this amazing "Monster House" makeover of her parents' home, transforming the facade into a many-eyed creature with a fanged porch — and I'm willing to bet that only the bravest of trick-or-treaters is going to be venturing up to that toothy door come Halloween night. It goes without saying that it's seriously awesome, though, right?

On her Instagram account, McConnell outlines how she made the house terrifying using painted foam-core insulation board. She also installed a pale green light outside the home, which, at night, bathes the monster house in an unnatural, spooky glow.

It's all in a day's work for McConnell, who is creepy pretty much full time. “I’m not into Goth in the classic way with lots of black eyeliner,” she told Instagram, who interviewed her about her fabulous, dark feed on their blog. “I’m into poking fun at something actually scary. I like toying with that.”

How does she find the time to make things like this, which took about three days to create? “People go to bars and have friends and have children and families," she told Instagram. "This is really what I do. It is a sacrifice in some ways, to do this all the time, but it’s fun and I love it.”

This isn't the first time McConnell has decorated her parents' house for Halloween — here's what she did three years ago:

And here's the house from two years ago, also based on Tim Burton imagery:

(She didn't post a creepy house makeover to her Instagram last year, but I'm guessing it was similarly scary.)

McConnell also has a cookbook coming out, called Deceptive Desserts, with instructions for making creepy, Halloween-y desserts — proving that she's like Martha Stewart crossed with Morticia Addams. Look at some of these insane creations:

And, in case you weren't convinced this woman could do it all, she also makes her own clothes, does her own hair, and takes glamour shots. Though, of course she puts a spooky spin on this as well — check out her recreation of these queens of horror for the website, where she has a new column:

You can preorder her cookbook here, and I highly recommend that you do — after all, why wouldn't I endorse a purchase that would make you the creepiest girl at your potluck?

Images: Courtesy of Christine McConnell/Instagram (10)