Zendaya Tries Short Hair On For Size

Everyone’s already well aware of the fact that this girl is a style chameleon. Zendaya debuted short hair at the CFDA Vogue event, and looked as fabulous as ever, of course. After seeing many of the things her hair can do in an editorial spread with Mane Addicts, it’s clear that nothing, and I mean nothing could look bad on her. Any type of hairstyle she wants to wear is totally doable. That’s talent, right there!

She’s been known to rock cornrows, curls and everything in between. This latest look is a short pixie cut, and it very well might be a wig, but it's still killer. She’s worn this type of hairstyle before, but it never gets old. She paired some huge diamond earrings to draw attention to that shorter ‘do, and the look was flawless. Wearing all black, she had a very chic vibe going, and I was loving it. I know she likes to change things up, but if she kept her hair like this for a bit — you definitely wouldn’t hear any complaints from me.

Some people just have a knack for pulling off different looks, and Zendaya is definitely one of those people. When you’ve got it, you’ve just got it. Check out her latest hairdo and have some major #hairgoals.

Don't you just love this look on her? She can pull off anything and everything.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She's my hair hero, you guys.

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