When Is Amy Schumer's Next Movie Coming Out?

Exciting news for fans of Amy Schumer and everything she says, does, and is: According to Variety, Schumer's new film Mother/Daughter has been given an official release date. And, true to its title, the film will officially be released in theaters on — you guessed it — Mother’s Day, May 12, 2017. But, before you go thinking that this movie is going to anything like the typical mother-daughter mushy films, think again. Because the film is being described as an action comedy movie by outlets like Collider, it seems it might be the opposite of heartwarming.

And while it might be too soon to start thinking about Mother’s Day — especially Mother’s Day two years from now, when this movie will hit theaters — but it’s never too soon to start thinking of awesome ways to show your mom that you love her. And I’m not talking about all of those mushy-gushy ways that you probably think about when you think about Mother’s Day. So, put away your greetings cards, and tell your local florist to go sell roses somewhere else. Take inspiration from Schumer’s new kickass movie and celebrate mom in a way that she would probably really love — with laughter, a little adventure, and a whole lot of booze.

Retake Old Photos

This might be a little difficult now that you’re an adult and not a baby she can sling around on her hip, but that only makes this awesome start to the day all the more fun. For this, surprise mom with vintage clothes for dressing up, wigs with all of her old hairstyles (hello, ‘80s perm!), and a few footy pajamas so that you can look the part.

Boozy Brunch

If you think this is just an activity to do with your girlfriends on the weekly, you are wrong. Remember when you were little and would wake up in the middle of the night and find your mom sitting around the kitchen table with her best friends surrounded by wine glasses? (Just me?) That’s because mom likes to throw it back too, and there’s no better way to start off the day than with a good buzz going.

See Mother/Daughter

If you thought all movies about Mother’s Day had to be gushy tearjerkers, think again. This action comedy is sure to be the perfect movie to set the tone for an awesome mother’s day celebration. Either start the day off with an early matinee, or cap the night off with a late-night showing. Either way, you’re going to want to find some way to fit this film into the day’s plans.

Plan A Scavenger Hunt To All Of Her Favorite Places

Sure, when you were eight, you made mom a scavenger hunt to where she’d find the breakfast you made her (little did you know that eggs and coffee get cold while sitting on the kitchen table) — but how about this time you take her around to the places where you shared some of your funniest times together? Like the principal’s office at the elementary school where she used to always have to pick you up, or the wings place where she first tried and fell in love with buffalo sauce.

Photo Bomb Everyone

There is nothing that moms like more than pictures of their kids. But, if your mom loves a good laugh more than she does an awkward photo studio (who doesn’t?), a much better way to make memories and commemorate the day is with the ultimate photo bomb competition. The photo bomber whose photo makes dad laugh the hardest wins.

So don’t disappoint mom this year with another stale bouquet of flowers. Give mom the kickass Mother’s Day she deserves. And don’t forget the flasks.

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