J. Hud Has A Pair of Jeans Named After Her

So many celebs have their own clothing lines, slapping their name and face on the branding as another means of marketing, remaining relevant, and generating revenue. Well, singer, Oscar-winning actress, and quiet style star Jennifer Hudson has pair of New York & Company jeans named after her. You know your style is hot and enviable when an already existing brand goes and names a pair of trendy pants after you!

J. Hud, who recently shaved her head and showed off her beautiful face, has cultivated a super chic style over the years. She always looks impeccable. But she doesn't often get the credit for being a fashionista the way so many of her peers have.

That could all change now that the Soho Jeans Jennifer Hudson High-Waist Legging is here.

"For me, comfort is everything so I really appreciate the high waist and super soft feel of the jeans, and yet they still look amazing because of their curve-flattering fit," the singer told PEOPLE.

So what's the deal with the J. Hud. jean? It comes in an indigo wash, sits really high on the waist, is embellished with zippers, and has a super skinny leg. It's essentially a jegging, which remains a popular and in style cut.

J. Hud looks so artsy and sexy in these jeans. While you might fear a high waist, these are hardly a "mom jeans" faux pas. When paired with a tucked in, long-sleeved shirt and black booties, it's the picture of artisanal and classic street style.

The high waist is meant to be shown off, but you don't have to flaunt it as J. Hud did!

You don't have to tuck a flannel in and pair it with heels, either. Cropped tops are not the sole option for high-waisted jeggings. Those are viable options, yes. But they are not the only ones.

I have one key suggestion for a top to pair these jeggings with.

American Eagle Outfitters jegging tee was created to balance out the super slim leg. It's loose without being sloppy! Plus, you can partially tuck the front in to show off some of the high-waist of these jegs... or not. They are that versatile. ($25,

You can also tuck these jeans into booties or knee-high boots or go totally casual with a pair of slip-on Vans or flip flops. There are no boundaries.

Don't fear high-waisted J. Hud jeans. She slayed them. So can you. They are on sale now.

Images: Courtesy of New York & Company (2); Courtesy of American Eagle Outfitters (1)