A Fancy New Drone Will Fly Into 'Shark Tank'

Is it just me, or are things that hover everywhere right now? Drones have quickly become a fixture of the electronics department of pretty much every store, and even as someone who is just fine with her iPhone's camera capabilities, I have to say, this latest model is pretty cool. Obviously, drones are awesome for taking quality photos of a subject from above, but XCraft has managed to create one that has something the others don't — super fast speed. On this week's Shark Tank , XCraft brings X PlusOne into the Tank, seeking funding for a drone that works perfectly with a GoPro and moves over 60 mph. And if the team's pitch works for you, there's good news: You can already buy X PlusOne.

It all started with a very successful Kickstarter effort — a good sign that there is plenty of interest and potential customers out there, and definitely something the Sharks will like. In 2014, XCraft, a team made of JD Claridge and Charles Manning, managed to raise $143,400 with the help of 263 supporters to make their product happen.

Still not sure if you need this device in your life? This video of the X PlusOne in action will probably do the trick.

Ready to buy? You have a few options. Although X PlusOne doesn't seem to be available in stores just yet, it is up for purchase all over the Internet. You can buy it from several different robotic retailers, or straight from XCraft's website. There's only one downfall: It's gonna cost ya. These drones don't come cheap, which means if you want to fly in style, you should be prepared to fork over a ton of cash.

Right now, XCraft is offering three options on their website. The cheapest? A $1,549 build-your-own model, which they don't recommend for beginners since you have to, you know, build your own. It also doesn't come with a radio, a battery, or a power system, so those are more things you'll have to buy to get your drone up and running.

Not into that idea? You can buy one ready made, too. For $1,699 you get everything you need, plus a micro HD camera, and for $2,199, the platinum version drone with cool extras like GPS and autopilot are included.

If I wasn't convinced I'd probably drive this thing into a wall the first day I got it, I'd be starting a savings account for one right now.

Images: Beth Dubber/ABC, XCraft