7 Hair Hacks For Growing Out Short Hair When It Seems Impossible

Short hair can look absolutely amazing... but growing out a short haircut can feel like a months-long ordeal that just makes you want to disappear for a while. However, transitioning from short to long doesn't have to be torture, and there are plenty of tips for keeping your haircut flattering at every stage.

On her hairstyling site Free Your Hair, hairstylist Roxie Jane Hunt said, "I think I could write a book on the subject of growing out short hair. I have spent my whole life failing at it. Finally, now that I am almost 30, I have found the patience and restraint as well as the strength to talk myself down from a near-hair-chop in desperate times."

Basically, we've all been there — even hair professionals. I personally have spent months of my life feeling unhappy with my hair while it was in the dreaded in-between stage, longing for the days when I would just be able to throw it up in a ponytail and be done with it. What I wish I had known was that there are actually a ton of cute looks and styles you can pull off while growing out your hair; you usually just need to have a few basic staples and accessories and be a little pro-active with your maintenance.

If you're currently in the midst of growing out short hair and are beginning to feel desperate, don't panic; here are seven hair hacks for growing out short hair.

1. Book Your Haircuts In Advance

In a piece on growing out short hair, Hunt said that it's all about regular maintenance. She recommended booking your next hair cut before leaving the salon, and scheduling them no more than eight weeks apart. She also noted that for the first few months of grow out, your stylist should be focussing on keeping the back relatively short and clean as the front grows out — otherwise you can develop a shapeless shag.

2. Work With A Curling Iron

In an article on Redbook on ways to grow out short hair, Cutler/Redken styling expert Jenny Balding said to reserve time to work with a curling iron, especially if you haven't had time for regular upkeep at the salon. "Try curling sections with a one-inch-barrel iron, misting with a little hairspray, and gently shaking out with your fingers," she said.

3. Remember That Accessories Are Your Friends

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Hair accessories are incredibly important when growing out your hair, especially when it's in the pixie-to-bob in between. XoVain contributor and veteran short-to-long hair grower Rachel Perkins recommended headbands as a great staple, saying that, "I suggest curling it, since curls will make hair seem shorter and less awkward, and curls will also make any uneven lengths less obvious if you’re between cuts. For most 'formal' events I attended while my hair was growing out, this is how I styled it." Also, stockpile an assortment of cool clips and flowers for playful and adorable in-between looks.

4. Bobby Pin It

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Bobby pins are invaluable for sprucing up a bad hair day — long or short. Perkins highly recommended having bobby pins on hand when growing out short hair.

"A lot of the hairstyle I wore while growing my hair out were just strategically placed bobby pins," she said. "You can take various sections, starting from the front of your head and twist them towards the back of your head then pin them down. Do this until you’ve created some semblance of an updo. It helps to have some volume on top, and maybe leave a few wispy pieces down by your ears."

5. Braid Those Bangs

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If your bangs are giving you particular trouble and you're absolutely sick of clipping them back, try a basic bang braid for a super pretty and feminine effect. It's also great for looking pulled together without a ton of effort.

6. Nourish Your Hair

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Hunt stressed that the hair at the very top of your head will eventually be the hair at your shoulder-length (or longer) ends, so take care of it even before it starts to look damaged or raggedy. She recommended coconut oil treatments as well as eating a diet rich in healthy fats.

7. Be Patient

Hunt also stressed the importance of patience throughout this process, as there will come a time several months in when all you can really do is let it grow. If you're someone who gets bored super easily and likes to see dramatic changes, Hunt suggested using the in-between phase as a great time to experiment with color, as you'll get to see a noticeable difference but won't be compelled to get a dramatic cut and reverse all your progress.

Growing out your hair doesn't mean you have to hide under a hat for months. Just commit a little extra time in your morning routine to styling, as well as having a few hacks on hand, like bobby pins and headbands, and you just might be surprised how much you actually love your look.

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