7 Benefits Of Pumpkin Skincare Products

by Lindsey Rose Black

It's decorative gourd season, which means pumpkin-infused everything. Why limit yourself to pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin-lined porches when there are oodles of amazing benefits pumpkin skincare products can bring you. Once you read through this, you will obviously be dousing yourself in winter squash on the daily! OK, maybe not dousing — smearing? You get the point.

I freaking love pumpkin and use it in everything from vegan pumpkin spice latte cupcakes to more savory squash recipes. In fact, true story, I once ate too much pumpkin and carrots and the palms of my hands turned straight up orange. Apparently you can overdose on carotene? Cray.

I'm clearly not alone in my pumpkin love, because pumpkin spice hair is even a thing now! Who knew? Pumpkin is also an obvious choice for fall decorating, delish fall drinks, and a slew of cozy winter desserts. But I didn't need to tell you about that, did I?

Adding pumpkin to your beauty routine might sound a little wacky, but it's full of benefits for keeping your skin nourished and glowing. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and even good-for-you fats in the seeds, I say pumpkin is right up there with coconut oil, acai, and kale in terms of being a health and beauty superhero.

Read on to learn the benefits of adding pumpkin skincare products to your routine!

1. Vitamin A For Smooth Skin

Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm (pack of 2), $19, Amazon

According to Livestrong, pumpkin is packed with Vitamin A which keeps your skin soft, smooth, and moisturized.

2. Moisturizing Polyunsaturated Acids

Age Defying Eye Cream, $24, Amazon

Want to hydrate your skin this winter? Daily Mail shared that the polyunsaturated acids in pumpkin seed oil will do just that!

3. Zinc For Clear Skin

Nutrient Mud Mask, $22, Amazon

Full of zinc, pumpkin seed oil can even help fight acne naturally according to Daily Mail!

4. Heal Skin With Vitamin C

Moisture Lip Treatmen Balm, $15, Amazon

Livestrong shared that pumpkin is also full of Vitamin C which fights damage caused by free radicals and rejuvenates skin.

5. Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) For Bright Skin

Peter Thomas RothPumpkin Peel, $42, Amazon

The International Dermal Institute reported "Pumpkin is packed with fruit enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), which increase cell turnover, to brighten and smooth the skin." You go, pumpkin.

6. Improve Skin Tone With Vitamin E

Toasted Pumpkin Seed Oil, $11, Amazon

Harper's Bazaar shared how the Vitamin E in pumpkin seed oil can "improve skin tone, help wounds heal more rapidly, fight acne and help with skin renewal."

7. Enzyme Exfoliator

Exfoliating Pumpkin Facial Scrub, $28, Amazon

A natural exfoliant, "pumpkin contains natural enzymes that help to dissolve dry skin cells" according to Livestrong. Talk about being way better for you and the environment than dangerous microbead exfoliators!

What are you waiting for? Go squash up your beauty routine ASAP!

Image Credit: Ginny/Flickr