Grandparents Dress Up As 'Up' Characters For 60th Anniversary, And You're About To Have Feelings — VIDEO

If the Disney-Pixar's Up wasn't enough of a tear-jerker, try to get through this couple celebrating their 60th anniversary by re-creating parts of it without bawling. Go ahead, I dare you. If you can watch the video in its entirety and not shed one tear, then you're made of stone. Personally, I couldn't get through the first 30 seconds before the tears and snot started making their way down my face. If you're at all familiar with the pretty much established classic Up (which you should be, if you have a soul), then you can understand the sentiment behind this adorable old couple's recreation of the opening montage in the Pixar movie. There's a reason that days like Grandparents' Day exist: Old people are the adorable souls that give us something to hope for after long weekends of watered down drinks and headaches, especially when they're in love.

While the few minutes-long movie intro showed us a lifetime between Ellie and Carl, two deeply in love people, this video mirrors that but in real life and with both parts of the couple sitting at the piano, tapping out the melody in a duet. And there's even the dog (without the whole weird talking thing) and the boy scout, too! In the movie, we're introduced to a crotchety old man, hardened by the experience of the love of his life leaving him too soon, without having been able to be as adventurous as they'd always planned. But, wouldn't you know it, those old softies at Pixar give Carl a way to live through his late wife as he affixes a ton of balloons to their home to fly away and, well, up. But it wouldn't be a successful Pixar movie without something that shouldn't be talking and some chubby comic relief. Enter the talking dog and boy scout, who are both accidentally along for this adventure.

As a way to celebrate 60 years of marriage, these cuter-than-cute grandparents show that, as corny as some may claim it to sound, real love knows no constraints of time. While the "Ellie" and "Carl" of this video go about their daily life in their home, with the requisite framed photos peppering their walls, telling the story of their own life together, you can't help but hope—even just a little—that you're lucky enough to end up like that. Relationship goals. (Fine, I said it. You knew I would say it.)

Here's the original opening montage from Up:

ikaracoltify on YouTube

And here's the real-life couple (whose names I can't find anywhere. Holler at me if these cute-ass grandparents belong to you so I can put their names in here):

Jason Lyle Black on YouTube

Let's go on an emotional journey through this video, and hold onto one another for support as we weather the cascading feels as they break upon us. Because Up is nothing if not an emotional ride and we should expect nothing less from this video.


Not only is he carefully prepping the piano for the surprise duet with his wife, but "Carl" is also setting out one of the first links to Up. But in this version, we have an adorable photo of this couple, one from their younger years, made to really pull at the heart strings.


Be right back, still sobbing. How can a couple who has been together for 60 years still be this loving? The seemingly small gesture of resting her head on her husband's shoulder is one of those subtle things that tells you how incredibly close and comfortable two people in a relationship really are.


When she joins him at the piano... are you kidding me?! And she just slides onto the bench beside him and he's obviously so happy to have a partner with him. And the way she sort of smiles as they lock eyes, when she first sits down. Could they be more in love? Watching these grandparents-turned-real-life-Up-adorableness, you can see the adoration and still insanely strong love they feel for each other. It's almost like we're intruding on them, as they grin at each other as only two people totally enamored with each other could do.

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