Adele's '25' Alleged Track List Is Just A Small Part Of Enough New Album News To Make You Scream

We've literally been enjoying a parade of amazing Adele news lately, and I am not at all mad about this. The most recent news to hit the internet is the revelation of the rumored track list for Adele's 25, not to mention the added bonus that Adele's single "Hello" will be coming out on Friday, October 23. Even better, there's going to be a music video. Is this real life? Because I seriously must be dreaming. After almost five years without a new album from Adele, we're getting everything all at once. It is raining Adele news, guys. Why get an umbrella when you can dance in it?

The alleged track list, which was shared by Dan Wootton on his official Twitter, was seemingly backed up by tweets by XLRecords, who also announced that Adele has joined Instagram and that 25 is available for pre-order on October 23 as well. Are you crying tears of joy yet? Because the world is starting to look a little blurry to me. The track list reportedly includes song titles like "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)," "River Lea," and "Sweetest Devotion." I want to clutch a hand to my heart, because these titles all sound like such classic Adele that I honestly can't imagine what the songs themselves will sound like. With how long Adele has been working on this album, I am so ready to be wowed that I'm already screaming.

But then, why am I so surprised, really? When Adele comes back, she really comes back, and we should have known that her long break was just the calm before the epic storm she is about to carry us through with great music and all the feels. Now that the album is confirmed, with a title, an upcoming single, and a release date, it will be almost like Adele never left us for as long as she did — even though she didn't really do it by choice. I hope all the other artists have had fun cleaning up at the Grammys, because, with Adele back on the scene, she's going to go right back to dominating in pretty much every category.

Check out the track list below and get ready for basically the best Friday you have ever had.