The Quick & Easy Way To DIY A Wound Effect

If you're looking for a guaranteed win at your office costume party, showing up with a gaping wound is a pretty excellent place to start. Since we can't all be SFX makeup artists, this easy wound makeup tutorial by Nick Lujan, MAKE UP FOR EVER Managing Educator is just the how-to you need to get your (faux) bloody face on.

Turns out, the secret to creating a realistic gash boils down to one household item: the glue stick. Sure, some spirit gum and wax helps, but it's your kindergarten crafting tool that really sets the stage for a perfectly gory wound. Add in some red lipstick, purple eye shadow, and faux blood (which, by the way, you can totally DIY), and you've got yourself one hell of a fake injury.

The whole process only takes about 10 minutes — and the end result is so good you could easy get away without skipping a costume altogether. However, if you do want to go all out, I'd recommend using your leftover eyeshadow and fake blood to add a little zombie makeup around the eyes. Check out the clip below for a full step by step, then subscribe to Bustle's YouTube channel for more makeup tips (both spooky and not).

Products Used: MAKE UP FOR EVER Spirit Gum; MAKE UP FOR EVER Plastowax; MAKE UP FOR EVER Artist Shadow M-928 (deep purple color) and M-846 (a red color); MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Black; MAKE UP FOR EVER Rouge Artist Intense #44 Lipstick; MAKE UP FOR EVER Coagulated Blood