Fruits Depict Breast Cancer Scars In This Clever Video Inspiring Survivors To Embrace Them — VIDEO

In honor of October 19, the official Fight Against Breast Cancer Day, this video inspires women to embrace their breast cancer scars. Made by Totuma and "Dedicated, with love, to all those whose lives have been touched by cancer", the video uses vibrant images as metaphors for breasts, some symmetrical, and some not so much so. The video, created for a Breast Cancer awareness campaign for LIFETIME Latin America, emphasizes that beauty still exists even after a mastectomy has been performed. As women reveal scars behind perfectly round fruit, you'll be moved, perhaps like I was, to tears, thinking about the ways we judge our bodies, when really, we are so lucky just to inhabit them.

The caption with the video reads,

The video ends on an extremely moving note: "Never be ashamed of a scar. It just means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you." Here are some beautiful moments from the video:

1. The Colorful Fruit!

2. It's All Pretty And Symmetrical

3. Until It's Not

4. And Things Start To Hurt

5. But Scars Are As Beautiful As The Fruit

Watch the whole thing below:

Images: Vimeo (6)