The Most Popular 2015 Halloween Costumes On Instagram, Broken Down By State

Let's get down to business, and talk about what's really important — which costume is going to get you the most Instagram likes this Halloween. That's basically the whole point of dressing up, so we should obviously throw some science at the issue. Halloween Express has put together an in-depth study of the most popular Halloween costumes on Instagram by state from 2012 to today, and the results are actually pretty surprising.

For one thing, the costume that has racked up the most Instagram likes from the last four years of this study isn't any of the characters from Game of Thrones, or sexy fill-in-the-blank. Nope, it's E.T., the wrinkly little alien from Steven Spielberg's classic sci-fi family film. Oh, and if you're planning on dressing up as a pumpkin on Halloween, you're in for a rude awakening, as the classic gourd has been completely pushed out of trending territory this year in favor of lots and lots of likes for monster costumes. I do have one question for you Iowa residents out there — what is the deal with the Christmas elves? Is this some kind of Nightmare Before Christmas reference that's going over my head? I'm pretty short, so, it's totally possible.

Fans of the super-sexy costume options, you'll just have to reminisce about 2012, which evidently was the golden age of cleavage. 2012 saw entire states select French maids, strippers, schoolgirls, and even the Kardashians as their favorite costumes. I'll let you guess which one was Florida's fave.

Check out how 2015 is shaking out so far below, and to see how that compares to past years, visit Halloween Express.

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Images: pikawil/Flickr; Halloween Express