8 Do-It-Yourself Plastic Surgery Gadgets Popular With Asian Teens

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As with so many trends, Asian teenagers are at the forefront of a new wave of "DIY plastic surgery" devices, according to the Daily Beast. Though invoking cosmetic surgery is misleading — the point of these (relatively inexpensive) products is to lift facial skin, slim noses, and raise eyelids without actual knives, doctors or aestheticians involved.

Popular primarily in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan (three of the most plastic-surgery obsessed countries in the world), these low-tech, at-home devices claim to mold users faces and features into more desirable shapes and proportions. But most seem based on bunk science, rendering them useless at best and even potentially harmful. Let's take a look at some of the laughable yet sad face-contorting gadgets selling on Tokyo-based website Japan Trend Shop.

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