15 Best Scenes From Adele's "Hello" Music Video

by Melissah Yang

Hello, Adele!! The British singer broke the Internet Thursday shortly before midnight when she released her highly anticipated song and music video for "Hello." It's been nearly five years since Adele's Grammy Award-winning album 21 dropped, and she did not disappoint because the MV for her first single off her new record 25 is gawww-geous. Like, seriously gorgeous. The best scenes from Adele's "Hello" music video, shot entirely in a sepia tone, really capture what makes Adele one of the greatest artists of our generation.

The music, lyrics, artistry — it all works perfectly in Adele's new music video. "Hello" taps into similar themes we've seen from the singer, including a past love gone wrong and the struggle of getting over heartache. The music video shows the singer attempting to call an ex-boyfriend to possibly get closure, but it seems he's just not that interested in taking up a conversation with her.

You get flashbacks to their relationship, the good times and the bad, and in the end, Adele is the one coming out of it stronger than ever. The video should definitely be watched in whole, but even glimpses at key moments show the best of the best of Adele.

OMG, She's Back!

When We Realize Why She Hasn't Been Tweeting

She Looks Fantastic

Finally, The Song Starts & Adele Steps Into The Frame

She's Calling Him...

And We Find Out Who She's Calling

Saaaang, Adele

OK, I Would Fall In Love With That Face, Too

Of Course, There's A Red Telephone Booth In The Middle Of A Nymph Forest

Mascara Running Down Your Cheek — We've All Been There

Seriously, How Beautiful Is This Countryside?

Rain Makes Everything So Much More Dramatic

Make-Up Is Flawless

She Must Have Called A Thousand Times!

This Is The End (And The Flip Phone Makes Another Appearance)

25 officially drops on Nov. 20, but until then, at least we'll have "Hello" to play over and over again.

Images: XL Recordings