'Sherlock's Season Finale Trailer's Already Here

Sherlock aired its third season's second episode last night, and according to Tumblr — I personally can't possibly have seen it because I live in American and that's definitely not how the Internet works — it was basically fanfiction come to life. In other words: It was marvelous. It also left everyone with a trailer for Sherlock Season 3's third and final episode. Which, just a warning, might cause mass panics on your Internet come next week.

The episode itself is called "His Last Vow," which — from what I heeeaaar, you know, from people who live in Britain — we know from Sunday's episode was Sherlock's vow to protect Mary, John, and their unborn baby, all of whom he loves so incredibly well and so incredibly adorably that it kind of makes me want to vomit rainbows everywhere and then find a Sherlock Holmes plushie to cuddle.

The trailer features new villain Charles Augustus Magnussen, whom Sherlock says turns his stomach. Canonically, this stomach-turning is due to Magnussen's style of using people's affections against them, and considering that this season of Sherlock — I hear — is all about our main cast's affections, well, we're probably screwed.

This trailer pretty much promises to fuck up that last vow of Sherlock's as epically as it can, probably in ways that will make me raise my fists in the air and scream "MOFFAT!!!!!" at the top of my lungs while cursing Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for a canon in which *century old spoiler alert* Mary does not exactly live a long and healthy life alongside her consulting detective boys.


Images: Tumblr, BBC