Maple Bacon Pop-Tarts Are Among The 5 New Pop-Tart Flavors That Just Changed The Breakfast Game

There was that time we heard Virgin Atlantic was creating a glass bottom plane. Or how about the inkling that Swiss farmers had figured out a way to grow spaghetti on trees? Of all of the rumors floating around the Internet, though, few have captured our attention like the announcement of five exciting new limited edition Pop-Tart flavors.

Given that Kellogg's currently has over 30 flavors of Pop-Tarts already in production, a few new flavors could certainly be in the realm of possibility. But could the creators of these nostalgic breakfast confections seriously be gifting us with Frosted Chocolatey Caramel, Pink Lemonade, Frosted Maple Bacon, Frosted Watermelon, and Frosted Spring Strawberry? You better believe it, buddy, because Kellogg's confirmed to Bustle via email that the new flavors are real. (It was as though the clouds parted and angels on high descended to give us hugs.)

To offer a bit of exposition first, the world now knows of these amazing new flavors by way of the Food City Food Show in Tennessee. Although Kellogg's rolled the new flavors out there, you'll have to wait to get your hands on a box of these heavenly squares — the earliest any of the flavors will be available is mid-December. But hey, that sounds like a pretty perfect stocking stuffer to me. So, without further ado, here are all of the glorious details, according to the company.

Frosted Chocolately Caramel

Not to be confused with the discontinued "Frosted Caramel Chocolate," this all new flavor features a caramel filling in a chocolate crust, topped with frosting and brown string icing. In other words, NOM NOM NOM.

Pink Lemonade

Who says this classic summer libation should be relegated to a glass for its entire life? The innovators over at Kellogg's recognized its transcendental appeal and turned it into a filling flavor stuffed in a golden crust, which they then topped with pink frosting and pink and yellow crunchlets.

Frosted Maple Bacon

No, you have not died and gone to heaven. Pretty close, though, considering these sweet-meets-savory treats feature a maple and bacon filling in a golden crust, topped with sweet white frosting and salty and smoked flavored crunchlets meant to simulate the real deal.

Frosted Watermelon

Perhaps the flavor I personally am looking forward to the most, Frosted Watermelon boasts a sweet and tart watermelon flavor filling, which — let's face it — sounds downright delightful. Bonus? It's topped with sweet pink frosting and light green icing.

Frosted Spring Strawberry

We all know how yummy Kellogg's classic Strawberry Pop-Tarts are, so surely this Frosted Spring Strawberry variety is next level. Just imagine strawberry flavored filling, topped with Crazy Good Printed Fun doodled on a white frosting background.

Thankfully, the company didn't take cues from fan suggestions made as part of the trending hashtag #PopTartFlavors. In which case, this article could very well have been about taco Pop-Tarts as opposed to Maple Bacon ones. I thinkArticles we can all agree taco would have been a bad choice, along with a few other flavor ideas submitted by fans.

Although, come to think of it, a taco Pop-Tart might taste like a savory empanada... but I digress. Come mid-December, we'll all be rolling around in a festive pile of the aforementioned five new Pop-Tart flavors. Well, with the exception of Fresh Spring Strawberry — we'll have to wait until mid-April to stock up on that flavor, which makes sense (you know, in spring). They'll run you $2.59 per box for Chocolately Caramel, Frosted Maple Bacon and Frosted Watermelon; and $3.39 for Pink Lemonade and Spring Strawberry. Who says money can't buy you happiness?

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