Ben & Jerry's Beer Ice Cream Is Here!

by Emma Cueto

Attention, people everywhere! I have excellent news: Ben & Jerry's is bringing us ice cream-flavored beer and beer-flavored ice cream. We are surely living in a blessed age — I mean, sure, there's trivial stuff like the economy and such to worry about, but there's now Ben & Jerry's ice cream-flavored beer. Really, what more could you ask for in life?

In order to bring us all these wonderful products, Ben & Jerry's teamed up with New Belgium Brewing. Together they have created the Salted Caramel Brown-ie Ale ice cream pints and bottles of Salted Caramel Brown-ie Brown Ale. I'd say it'll be hard not to get those two mixed up, but honestly if you accidentally wound up with a pint of the wrong one, would you really mind?

And to make this whole thing even better, some of the proceeds from the new products will go to benefit Protect Our Winters, a group that mobilizes the snow sports community to help fight climate change. And aside from being an excellent cause, the partnership makes a lot of sense: after all, no one likes warm beer, melted ice cream, or trying to ski on melted snow. As Protect Our Winters explains, they hope to use the new products to "build awareness for direct action to support the Clean Power Plan, the most historic effort ever by the U.S. to reduce carbon emissions, protecting us from the impacts of climate change and helping preserve the wild places we all love."

Ben & Jerry's and New Belgium's websites also give you a way to contact your governor about the issue right now, which you can find here and here. So not only is this whole idea delicious, it's for an important cause, too. And it does look delicious, as this video can attest:

Basically, it's time for everyone to stock up on both products. Personally, I'm planning on using them to make some of the most meta beer floats ever. Picture it: beer-flavored ice cream floating in ice cream-flavored beer. Like I said, we are truly living at a great moment in history.

Images: benandjerrys/Instagram