12 Ways Britney Spears’s “Overprotected” Music Video Brings The Flawless Fashion

When you hear the words “Britney,” “Spears,” “music,” “video,” and “outfit,” what’s the very first image that pops into your mind? Is it the Catholic schoolgirl uniform? The red latex catsuit? The flight attendant costume? The pink bikini and low rise jeans? The white turtleneck crop top? I totally support any of those answers. Every last one of those ensembles is totally iconic, totally stunning, totally life-changing, etcetera. But let us not forget about a certain underrated denim ensemble. The all-jean getup that should not be slept on for a second. And no, I do not mean that all-jean getup. I am talking about the embellished denim two-piece worn by Godney in the original “Overprotected” music video.

In April of 2002, the music video for the non-remixed version of "Overprotected" was released in the U.S. The Brian Friedman-choreographed, Bille Woodruff-directed clip is peak Danceney: Spears shimmies, chaines, stomps, arm dances, and body rolls all over the empty warehouse where "Overprotected" was filmed. This video also happens to be peak Outfitney: "Overprotected" features some of my very favorite Britney Spears music video looks (the denim two-piece is just the tip of the early '00s iceberg).

Let us waste not one more moment. It's time to a-dress all of the outstanding fashion moments from the "Overprotected" music video.

This Entire Outfit

Go ahead and take a moment to bask in this outfit's glory. You may say this is an embarrassment of denim riches, but I would have to disagree. It's just the right amount of denim riches. This is a perfect outfit. I've only just begun singing its praises.

First Of All, The Sleeves

Oh, what have we here? Sleeves made up of studded patchwork denim? We are not worthy.

The Sunglasses

Can frameless blue tinted aviators make a comeback already? PLEASE?

The Pants

The dramatic flare on this pant is a work of art.

The Pockets

Just when you think you know everything there is to know about this outfit, BAM. These back pockets happen. What can I say? I love a good statement pocket.

The Carousel Outfit

Take a closer look at the the scenes where Britney hangs out with an escaped carousel horse. Do you see it? Do you see the fringe flowing from the blouse sleeves? FLAWLESS.

This Ribbon Belt

One of the backup dancers wears a ribbon sash tied around her ribcage. It's a *~fashion moment.~*

Actually, All Of The Belts

Let's just call it like it is: This video's belt situation is positively breathtaking.

This Backup Dancer's Head-To-Toe Look

The ribcage ribbon dancer would've walked away with the award for Best Dressed "Overprotected" Backup Dancer if not for the dancer with the pink lowlights, the one-shoulder tank, and the fingerless gloves.

This Dress Thing

Er, maybe it's a tunic? Whatever it is, I'm into it.

These Magic Pants

Are they purple? Or are they blue? Um, I'm going to go with option number three: they're probably magical color-changing pants. Pretty neat, huh?

These Lace-Up Fingerless Gloves

Wear full gloves? Please. Her hands are not about to be overprotected.

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