Who Is Elysandra Quinones? Justin Bieber Was Spotted With An Incredibly Talented Woman

Justin Bieber seems to be continuing his apology tour quite literally with the release of his latest single "Sorry" on Thursday, Oct. 22. While, obviously, I've heard about the song, if you're a layperson like I am and not a Belieber, you might have missed the story that Biebz was "caught" (read: paparazzi'ed) in London with a beautiful mysterious woman. Except, apparently, she's not mysterious at all. Justin Bieber was flirtin' with is his backup dancer Elysandra Quiñones. And whether or not she and the 21-year-old singer are hooking up or not, she's pretty damn cool on her own, and you should get to know her.

Quiñones, 25, has been working with Bieber since she started as a backup dancer on his Believe tour in 2012. And fans have actually been "shipping" (aka hoping they get together) Bieber and Quiñones for a while. There's a whole Tumblr tag dedicated to the dream that the professional dancer and singer get together, called "Jelysandra." Also, in light of the "flirting" news, fans have been making their wishes for the couple clear on Twitter. The things you learn! Here's the deal with Quiñones, who seems pretty damn amazing.

OK, It Looks Like She Was Flirting With Bieber

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The photos that surfaced on Oct. 21 of the two in London show the pair looking pretty cozy. But hey, they have been friends for a long time!

She's A Super Positive Person

If you need a little positive energy on your Twitter feed, considering following Quiñones. She has tons of inspiring tweets, and her bio encourages her fans and followers to "embrace your inner love."

She's Been Performing Her Whole Life

Besides being a backup dancer for Bieber, Quiñones has had a pretty impressive career. She's also been in Footloose, The Hannah Montana Movie, Big Momma's House, and appeared on The Ellen Show. She even danced with Jennifer Lopez!

She & Bieber Pray Together

During the Believe tour, they would have a little prayer each night before starting the show. She told WGNO, "He's super cool. We have a prayer every night before the show and then we do like a chant, a group chant."

Fans Seem On Board For Them To Get Together

Beliebers have wanted Quiñones and Bieber to get together for, like, a century now, because apparently they have amazing chemistry on-stage. How supportive!

So, if Bieber was lucky enough for this beautiful, talented woman to give him the time of day, maybe he really has turned things around. Good for you, Biebz. Don't mess it up!