Daft Punk's Surprising Grammy Collaboration

You may recall that Daft Punk is set to perform at the Grammys this year — their first TV performance since the last time they performed on the Grammys back in 2008 — and it looks like we're finally starting to get a little more info about what exactly their appearance will entail. According to Rolling Stone, Daft Punk will perform with Stevie Wonder at the Grammys when they take place late this month.

Though there are no specifications about what songs exactly will be performed (will we see a mash-up of "Get Lucky" and "Superstition"? Don't let us down, Grammys!) but Wonder has definitely been confirmed to perform with the duo.

Also appearing alongside Daft Punk will apparently be Pharrell and Nile Rodgers, who both appear on their most recent album, Random Access Memories, that was released in May 2013.

Last time Daft Punk was on the Grammys, they performed a super awesome rendition of "Stronger" with Kanye West — so, if history is any indication, you can rest assured that this performance is probably going to be awesome. It's Daft Punk!

The Grammys will air on CBS on Jan. 26, broadcasting live from LA.