5SOS' 'Sounds Good Feels Good' Tracks Ranked, So You Know Exactly Which One To Listen To First

I am so deep in my 5SOS fandom right now it's embarrassing. But there has literally never been a more exciting time to be a fan of the band than in this moment, between 5SOS' sophomore MASTERPIECE Sounds Good Feels Good , all of their subsequent album promo, and the release of their 2016 Sounds Live Feels Live tour tickets. (I may be going to six shows on the U.S. leg because I left my sanity back in a time before I discovered this band.) With everything that the guys have going on right now, it's hard to decide where to direct your 5SOS-obsessed energy, and believe me, I know the struggle. Luckily, I have spent the better part of Friday, Oct. 23 (the day the album was released) feasting my ears on the new album and ranking the entire Sounds Good Feels Good track list so you guys can know which songs to listen to first. TBH, the entire album is everything that I hoped for in 5SOS' second effort, so you can't exactly go wrong here.

At the heart of SGFG is "The New Broken Scene," a movement that stemmed from the lyrics of "She's Kinda Hot" that the band created in order to best connect with their fans: "We're here to enforce positivity and a light into our fans' lives, so the idea of the 'new broken scene' is sort of a movement that's about more than just music — it's saying we're all in this together," 5SOS told Notion magazine. It's the overarching theme of the album, as well, particularly telling in songs like "Broken Home," "She's Kinda Hot," and "Permanent Vacation," just to name a few.

Check out the definitive ranking of all of the Sounds Good Feels Good songs below.


17. "Hey Everybody!"

5SOSVEVO on YouTube

I love this band an ungodly amount, but I'll never understand why they chose to release this one as a single when there were SO many more tracks on SGFG that better represented the album and the band's sound. Don't get me wrong, I love the optimistic sentiment behind the song, but "Hey Everybody!" is sonically weaker — and frankly, a little more immature — than the rest of the output on the album.

16. "Airplanes"

I'm all about the strong guitar riffs on this track, but unfortunately, "Airplanes" suffers from lyrics that are slightly cringe-worthy. When the chorus is "Airplanes, cut through the clouds like angels can fly / We'll never die," it will never be one looped on repeat — for me, at least. (Sorry, 5SOS Fam. Don't kill me.)

15. "San Francisco"

The kickass musical interludes almost saved "San Francisco" from a fate low down on this list, but alas, it doesn't exactly stand out in comparison to the album's strongest tunes. Lovin' that 5SOS went back to their acoustic routes with this one, though.

14. "The Girl Who Cried Wolf"

"The Girl Who Cried Wolf" probably has the most interesting title of any track on the record, but this song is one that blends in with the middle and doesn't exactly have a distinct presence on its own.

13. "Invisible"

"Invisible" gets points for being one of the only ballad-like track on the whole album, and proves that Calum Hood is always at his best when he's brooding.

12. "Waste The Night"

Another strong power ballad, "Waste The Night" shines on Sounds Good Feels Good. I can see this one being performed in an open-air venue under a starry sky.

11. "Fly Away"

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I've been loving "Fly Away" since before the album was released, and it's not just because they name-drop New York several times throughout the track. It encapsulates that feeling of wanting to break out from something that's holding you back — and feeling that overwhelming desire to go for it on your own.

10. "Safety Pin"

"We'll safety pin, the pieces of, our broken hearts back together" was undoubtedly the lyric that inspired all of 5SOS' SGFG artwork, and that alone makes it a standout — or at least one of the songs where you're like, "Aha! I get it now."

9. "She's Kinda Hot"

5SOSVEVO on YouTube

"She's Kinda Hot" paved the way for Sounds Good Feels Good; it was released as the album's lead single and was the start of the New Broken Scene. Plus, I can always dig a song that seems like it's about one thing ("OMG 5SOS SINGING ABOUT AN ATTRACTIVE GIRL") when it's actually about another ("Hey, we may not be following the same path as everyone else, but we'll figure out our own way.")

8. "Castaway"

I can tell right away that "Castaway" is going to be living its best life when performed live. It's one of those tracks that has a crazy power brimming right underneath the surface — the kind that will translate crazy well when packed in front of a crowd of 20,000 passionate fans.

7. "Broken Home"

"Broken Home" is one of the most important songs on the album and is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Its poignant subject matter — the idea of a split family and feeling isolated and angry when everything that you thought you knew is crumbling at your feet — is enough to put this one high up on the list. But it is the band's raw vocal delivery on the track that truly makes it is one to be remembered.

6. "Permanent Vacation"

"Permanent Vacation" is unabashedly pop-punk, and the Green Day influence is heavy AF on this one. The band played this jam almost every night on their Rock Out With Your Socks Out tour, and for good reason: It kicks ass.

5. "Catch Fire"

Without question the most pop-sounding track on all of SGFG, "Catch Fire" sounds unmistakably like a One Direction song — and I mean that in the best way possible. "Catch Fire" is everything that everyone loves about that distinctly pop sound: It's catchy, it's addictive, and it makes you feel that much happier when listening to it. Sounds Good Feels Good indeed.

4. "Outer Space / Carry On"

The band has already revealed that "Outer Space / Carry On" is their collective favorite on the album, and it is not hard to see why — it's the perfect closer.

3. "Money"

It's crazy how much your opinion of a song can change when you hear it in context. When 5SOS first dropped "Money," I wasn't diggin' it. But having it open the album was the absolute best move, as its anthemic vibes reverberate throughout the entire tune and set the tone for the whole album. This is going to kill live, I can feel it.

2. "Vapor"

"Vapor," sonically, is just about as hazy and smoky as its title suggests. Which makes it the only song on the album, in my opinion, with an incredibly distinct feel. Luke Hemmings' vocals were literally made for the line "I just need another hit / You're the thing that I can't quit."

1. "Jet Black Heart"

Maybe it's because I was there when 5SOS played this song live for the first time (subtle humblebrag, I'm sorry) but "Jet Black Heart" has had a permanent place in my Jet Black Heart ever since I first heard Michael Clifford's opening notes. "JBH" is Sounds Good Feels Good at its finest: It's shockingly dark and heavy with guitar riffs, strong lyrics, and deep emotion. "Jet Black Heart" is The New Broken Scene.

So there you have it. Get listening. (In this order, obviously.)