6 Scarf Tying Hacks To Try This Fall

My love affair with scarves first began in seventh grade. I religiously tuned into Wizards of Waverly Place every week, and for one sole reason: Selena Gomez's wardrobe. The character of Alex Russo is not only sarcastic and ultra-Slytherin, but also stylish. Over the seasons, the sartorial menu progressed from understated sweaters to bohemian frocks, but one remained constant: the use of scarves. You can basically say that Alex Russo inspired me to delve into the territory of scarves — a territory that can be somewhat daunting to any newcomer. Especially when it comes with how to tie scarves.

Don't be alarmed if there are a million questions running through your mind — it's natural. Instead of fearing it, embrace it. The beauty of scarves is its multi-functional purpose. With a few simple twists and turns, one scarf can smoothly transition into a variety of styles. As the sweater weather and PSL season dawns before us, scarves will become our trusty accessory — defender from wind and chills and chic outfit topper. Nordstrom may have already schooled us on how to tackle scarf tying, but the YouTube world contains a sea of other options. The sky's the limit here.

Check out the six hacks that will transform the way you tie scarves this season. And get ready to bundle up!

1. 25 Ways In 4.5 Minutes

I still remember the day I discovered this video in 2011. Back then, I was mind blown at the number of ways scarves could be worn — and honestly, not much has changed years later. In a mere four and half minutes, fashion blogger Wendy Nguyen beautifully captures twenty five ways to tie a scarf. From the casual cute "Bunny Ear" style to the cozy "Turtleneck", there will certainly be a style fit for you and your closet. Consider this your new scarf tying bible if you must.

2. Tying Based On Styles

This helpful guide from Fleur De Force has it all — you'll learn how to tie rectangular, silk, hankerchief, and crinkle-textured scarves that are also appropiate for any outfit. There's no excuse in sitting this one out!

3. Scarves As Vests

Yes, I'm not kidding you — scarves can be morphed into fashionable vests. So next time you want to switch up your layering game, play around with your scarves for a new spin on vests.

4. Scarves As Dresses

Got an infinity scarf? Good — you'll be well on your way to converting it into infinity dresses, and yes, even into peplum and maxi skirts. The power of a scarf and a belt can do wonders for amping up your wardrobe game.

5. Scarves As Headbands

For a dose of hair action, neck scarves can easily be revamped as headscarves. Forget about forking over those extra bucks for a new headscarf when you can just DIY one right at home!

6. Scarves As Cardigans

Notice a recurring theme yet? If scarves can also double as vests and skirts, then they can also be altered into kimono-style cardigans. While the wintry months may not be the most ideal situation to showcase a cardigan, keep this tip up your sleeve when the snow starts to melt. For the craftier hands out there, you can also DIY sew an old scarf into an updated kimono.

Image: Getty