7 Retro Makeup Tutorials

Halloween gives us the opportunity to step outside our comfort zones when it comes to makeup and personal style, which is exactly why it's a perfect time to make use of those awesome vintage makeup tutorials you've been searching online but never had the chance to actually use.

I personally love vintage makeup looks in theory, but am also not a huge makeup user in my actual daily life, instead opting for more natural "no makeup makeup" looks when I leave the house. There just never seems to be enough time or the right occasion to go for a more va-va-voom aesthetic, no matter how much I enjoy the feeling of classic glamour.

It can also be hard to achieve the perfect retro look if you don't have just the right color palettes and accessories (for example, careful eyebrow shaping and false eye lashes are kind of a must for an authentically retro look, but who would know if you haven't actually seen one done?).

Because Halloween is fast approaching, I thought it the perfect time to compile some of my most-favorite and watched online retro makeup tutorials for those of you out there considering a vintage glam look this year. And even if you decide for a different kind of costume altogether, there are some super useful makeup tips in general to be gleaned from a lot of these videos; you just might find yourself incorporating some of them into your everyday look.

1. Marilyn Monroe

When you think retro, Marilyn Monroe is probably just about the first person to come to mind. And what I love about all makeup tutorials from the Pixiwoo team is that they give you tips for shaping your eyes and lips to create the illusion of the facial features of the star you're trying emulate. It's really amazing to see their transformations!

2. Audrey Hepburn

Audrey basically defined a generation of '60s chic. Take a look at this video and pair your makeup with a classic black dress, necklace, and updo and you're good to go.

3. Elizabeth Taylor

Again, I'll refer you to the ladies of Pixiwoo for an amazing tutorial on transforming yourself into Elizabeth Taylor. Curling your naturally dark hair or wearing a dark wig if you have lighter hair will also go a long way in completing this transformation.

4. Flapper Girl

YouTuber Michelle Phan has a super high quality tutorial on how to get perfect flapper makeup. It looks amazing when paired with classic 1920s accessories and your copy of The Great Gatsby.

5. Twiggy

This is an awesome look if you already have a pixie cut, but pairing it with other mod hairstyles will also create a super retro look. Also, grab the nearest retro-inspired shift dress and you have yourself a costume!

6. Betty Boop

Betty Boop is a super vintage, super creative costume for this kind of look. Practice your Betty voice and pose, and you're sure to be a party hit this year.

7. Lana Del Rey

OK, I know Lana Del Rey isn't technically retro, but her look is so strongly inspired by vintage styles and she is such a popular artist that I figured she might be a great costume this year. Just pair with a simple retro dress and some of her signature facial expressions.

Retro makeup is incredibly fun to wear, and paired with the right ensembles can make you feel incredibly glamorous. If you're someone who's normally on the more subdued side with your style, consider taking a risk on one of these retro-inspired looks this year!

Images: Pixabay (1); Pixiwoo/YouTube