Anna & Aubrey Are Way Too Cool For Us

When Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick want to go to Mexico, Aubrey Plaza and Anna Kendrick go to Mexico. They don't sit around in their cold apartments searching Expedia while wearing blanket capes. No, they say, "We're going to Mexico tomorrow" and then they wake up the next day and get going. They also spill coffee on themselves while in transit to keep things down to earth.

According to Kendrick's Instagram, the two ladies started their trip this past Saturday. Plaza and Kendrick put their money to good use by choosing the type of weather they wanted to be around and then going to where that weather exists. This is probably the thing I'm most jealous of when it comes to celebrities. It is 39 degrees and raining where I am. I would love nothing more than to say, "I want 80 degrees and sunny!" and hours later be in Mexico.

Anna Kendrick documented a few key moments from the trip on Instagram while Aubrey Plaza, who is usually pretty active on Twitter, hasn't posted anything Mexico-related. Which she shouldn't. She's in Mexico! She needs to enjoy that! Kendrick only posted three pictures and what they lack in gorgeous Mexican scenery, they make up with their omg-can-I-go-with-y'all-next-time charm.

First up, a photo from their journey, presumably, to the airport:

Kendrick captioned this one, "Last night we decided to go to Mexico. This morning she has already spilled coffee all over herself.

#magical" They decided the night before. Many of us would be purposely pouring hot coffee all over ourselves in an attempt to wake up from the amazing dream that had become our life.

Then, Kendrick posted a lovely photo of Plaza in Mexico:

Kendrick simply wrote, "She's a real gem folks."

Finally, the two enjoyed a movie together:

"The Craft is just as good in Spanish. #nighttime" Yes! This is what you do on vacation! Sure, you might think that celebrities go out to a fancy dinner and then to the club and then to the other club and then somehow don't get hungover the next day, but really, like anyone else, they watch old movies on TV in Spanish. Thank you Anna Kendrick and Instagram for clearing that up.

Images: Anna Kendrick/Instagram