20 National Cat Day GIFs, Because There's No Better Way To Celebrate

If you're a crazy cat lady like I am (or if you love cats at all), then it's time to get excited, because Oct. 29 is National Cat Day! That's right, in case you didn't know it, the best holiday in October is not Halloween. So what better way to celebrate this day of all things kitty-licious than with a collection of 20 funny cat GIFs to laugh at, melt over, and simply fall in love with?

Whether you have your own special cat, or simply love animals in general, you're sure to appreciate this assortment of cats climbing, hiding, playing, and summersaulting (yes, there is definitely a summersaulting GIF in the mix). I mean, who doesn't love seeing a cat hide inside of a cardboard tube and pop his head out every time he thinks the coast is clear? Cats are extremely therapeutic to have around, and I'm pretty certain that these cat GIFs are equally as therapeutic — it's just the inevitable result of absolute cuteness!

If there's anything better than cat memes, it's cat GIFs, and if there's anything better than cat GIFs, well, it's actual cats. So grab your feline friends, snuggle up, and take a scroll through these ridiculously adorable GIFs.

1. The yoga kitten

If this isn't a cat going from savasana to the fetal position, then I don't know what he's doing.

2. The hypnotized kitten

You are getting sleepy... very, very sleepy.

3. The sibling kittens

Just siblings being siblings!

4. The falling cat

Going... going... gone.

5. The "keep petting me" cat

Did he say you could stop petting him? No he did not.

6. The dancing cat

Now work it out.

7. The scurrying kittens

Just keep watching the one that almost doesn't fit under the bureau... too darn cute.

8. The yawning cat

Big yawn!

9. The cat in the box

Watching this makes me want to adopt every kitten that ever exists.

10. The kitten with no balance


11. The pattycake cat

Don't you just want to stick your fingers on top of those little paws?

12. The climbing kittens

Gahhhhh! That is all.

13. The fearless cat

Nobody messes with this guy.

14. The relaxing cat

He's just chilling.

15. The massaging cats

Everybody needs a friend who gives free massages. Bonus points if that friend is a cat.

16. The lollipop cat

Somebody's got a sweet tooth!

17. The cat that won't share

Now that's not very nice!

18. The chopstick trained cat


19. The kissing cats

So very sweet.

20. The summersaulting cat

This just seemed like the perfect GIF to end with. Adios kitties!

Images: Jimee, Jackie, Tom & Asha/Flickr, Giphy (20)