'The Bible' Miniseries Sequel, 'A.D.: Beyond the Bible,' Headed to NBC

Poor History Channel. Turns out the cable network is the Jennifer Aniston to NBC's Angelina Jolie — after airing the ratings hit The Bible, producer Mark Burnett has dumped History in favor of a network airing of his follow-up, A.D.: Beyond the Bible.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC will be airing the miniseries, which will focus on the days following Jesus' death. The miniseries is a huge get for the still-struggling NBC — The Bible averaged 12.4 million viewers, putting it on par with hits like The Walking Dead, America's Got Talent, and other TV hits. And, thanks to The Bible's word-of-mouth and its move to network, it's likely A.D.: Beyond the Bible will attract even more eyes.

No doubt, thanks to a religious revival in entertainment (see: Noah, the upcoming Pontius Pilate movie), Christ will be all-mighty.