Kim Kardashian's Baby Shower Will Give You FOMO

The Kardashian family just had the coolest baby shower for one of its members' soon-to-arrive baby boy. On Sunday, the first family of television hosted a one of a kind camp-themed baby bonanza at the Azoff House in Beverly Hills. Luckily, per their usual style, the ladies have been lighting up social media with pictures, snaps, and tweets from the epic Kim Kardashian baby shower.

The party for Kim's first child, North, appeared to be a crazy extravagant affair with thousands spent on floral arrangements and its private garden location. While the shower for her second child was reportedly postponed due to Lamar Odem's recent health problems, it was safe to assume it would have rivaled North's party in terms of its star-studded guest list and expense. But due to the recent family tragedy, the typically flashy Kardashians have gone more low-key (but no less fabulous) for their latest celebration.

Sunday's event was a more intimate affair, and appears to only have been attended by close friends and family. There was a pajama-only dress code, and the Kardashian girls were seen sporting coordinated stripped pj's (so jelly). The event looked like a Pinterest glamping dream with linen teepees, Louie Vuitton luggage, and plenty of champagne. I would be more interested in camping if it was more like this. Seriously, how great does this party seem?

The Event Was Troop Beverly Hills Themed

Troop Beverly Hills was a 1989 comedy about rich girls from Beverly Hills who kick butt and solve problems using plenty of sass. That sounds like the perfect theme for the Kardashians.

The Whole Family Was There

The whole gang was there! Luckily, it looks like Khloe was able to take time from all the craziness happening with Lamar to celebrate Kim's big day.

They Drank Hot Chocolate

Kourtney and Kylie posted this pic of the sisters drinking hot chocolate in front of teepees, next to Louie Vuitton luggage, and wearing aviator sunglasses. The Kardashians make drinking hot liquid look so cool.

They Got Their Hair Did

It wouldn't be a Kardashian-Jenner event without some makeup artists and hairstylists in attendance. This party sounds like a true glam-camping event to me.

They Posted The Results

Kylie posted this pic on Snapchat of her finished hair. She went with a top bun — the perfect hairdo for a relaxed Sunday morning with friends and family.

There Was An A-List Guest List

Supermodel and member of Taylor Swift's squad, Gigi Hadid was there to support Kim and her BFF Kendall. Her version of glamping obviously includes Christian Louboutin shoes. Love it!

Leave it to the Kardashians to take a low-key baby shower and turn it into the must-attend event of the season. Bravo!

Images: Kylizzlemynizzl/Snapchat (3); kendaljenner/Instagram; KourtneyKardash/Instagram; kylizzlesnapchats/Instagram