Slip Dresses You Need This Fall Season

by Eliza Florendo

The fashion Gods have spoken, and it looks like this one trend is not only raging, but here to stay: Slip dresses. A token '90s look, this iconic dress has been seen on the biggest babes of the decade, from Cher Horowitz's Calvin Klein white number, to Jennifer Aniston's lace slip LBD, to pretty much all of Kate Moss' grunge-chic looks throughout the years.

There's a reason they've recently resurged: Those thin straps and low neckline are just so, so flattering, and the silhouette is so simple that it just works on practically everyone. And, they're super easy to style. The beauty of the slip dress, too, is its ability to serve as the perfect layer. In the summer months, it's that effortless dress you need for a night out, or even to a boozy brunch. But as the fall and winter months creep toward us (they always sneak up, don't they?), they don't just get packed away with your summer wear in the back of your closet.

My personal favorite way to layer a slip dress is with a cropped sweater on top, doubling up on the '90s trends. Bonus points if you can find an off-the-shoulder sweater! If you happen to feel especially Cher-like, throw the slip dress on top of a T-shirt or even a sweater. Voilà, an instantly chic and warm outfit. Pair with a choker and combat boots, and you're a hop, skip, and a jump away from basically crawling out of a time machine.

So in honor of Michelle Pfieffer, Keri Russell, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, get your slip dress on with these ten ultra-sexy options.

1. This Sky Blue Beauty

Danni Slip Dress, $210,

There's not many hues that are prettier than this one, and over a white fuzzy sweater, you'd epitomize '90s babe.

2. This Perfectly Seasonal Look

Lane Bryant Buffalo Check Slip Dress, $89.95,

'Tis the season for everything checker!

3. This Seriously Cool LBD

Out From Under High-Neck Strappy Back Slip Dress, $44,

Take the LBD to new heights with this dangerously low back. Sexy, eh?

4. Hello, Fringe!

Truly You Fringed Strappy Bodycon Dress, $75.24,

This is the perfect New Year's Eve dress. Take note!

5. When In Doubt, Go With Red

Pieced Out Slip Dress, $78,

This gorgeous hue will brighten up any fall/winter outfit.

6. The Tribal Print

Lacey Tribal Print Slip Dress, $34.90,

I saw Cady Heron wearing tribal print and booties, so I bought tribal print and booties.

This fall and winter season, the slip dress should be your new go-to. After all, fashion trends come in cycles, and this one's long overdue.