The Song Henry Plays For Violet On 'Once Upon A Time' Has A Connection To His Dad

When Henry showed up in Camelot, he had his iPod with him. Because everyone travels through portals with their iPad, of course. He ended up using it to bond with a girl in Camelot named Violet, and the two become fast friends. Sharing some earbuds, Henry and Violet listen to Yazoo's "Only You" which is very odd choice for a "first song" song. What's the deal with it? As we learned tonight, it actually holds a special meaning for Henry.

The song came up again during the episode, "Dreamcatcher" where Henry once again plays it for Violet. He can't help mentioning his song choice to Emma, and how he used it for them to first "bond." Oh, young love. This is all present day in Storybrooke, so remember Emma is the Dark One. You'd expect the Dark One to completely ignore all stories of love, but Henry is still her son. And Emma is actually happy to hear that he's using that song to woo ("court?") Violet. WHY? Because Neal used to like that song.

Remember Neal? I do. And I miss him every since OUAT episode.

"Dreamcatcher" included not one, but SIX different mentions of Neal (and I'll add more to that tally if they happen). When Henry brings up "Only You" to Emma there's a softness in her voice when she remembers that Neal used to use that song to put the "moves" on his young loves — one of them probably being Emma.

I can tell you for a fact that this season is the first time we've heard "Only You" used in OUAT, but if Emma says that Neal liked the song way back when, we'll believe her. She knew Neal best, after all.

That's also probably the reason why Henry keeps using the song over and over again. He's got a little crush on Violet, and he's trying to use the few tricks his dad taught him about meeting ladies. Neal would have taught him more things, I bet, had he not DIED a few seasons back without any talk of resurrection in sight. So wherever Neal is right now — other dimension, in a portal, six feet under — I bet he's happy to see that his son is still listening to this odd song.

Here it is again, so it can stay stuck in your head forever.

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Image: Jack Rowand/ABC