Here's How To Color Dark Hair Just For Halloween

Having dark hair is rad. Dark locks are usually rich and lustrous, but they are way harder to dye, especially for a single occasion. If you are curious how to color dark hair temporarily, cheaply, and for just one night, incorporating different hair hues into your Halloween costume, you actually do have several options that aren't wigs, extensions, or a pricey trip to the salon.

If you are looking for a quick, costume-related fix for your coif, rather than wanting to change your base or alter your signature shade, well, you are in luck. There is a variety of sprays, chalks, and mascaras on the market in ever color from granny gray to hot pink.

I temporarily colored the crap out of my really dark hair this past week, trying things that worked (hair chalk) and things that didn't (Streekers). All of the temporary hair colors were a bit messy to deal with and they added some texture to my hair, but it was all worth it to find the pop I needed to make my Halloween costume complete.

Here's what I tried.

1. Rita Hazan POP Color

Rita Hazan's POP Color is colored hairspray that lets you add streaks, tips, or all-over color without having to involve bleach or peroxide. Spray it on, let it dry, and go about your day. There is no commitment, but all of the fun.

I used the blue spray and it turned teal against my dark strands. I was fully feeling like Kylie Jenner. It rinsed out with two vigorous shampoos the next day.

If you wanna be Kylie for Halloween, use this stuff!

Rita Hazan Pop Color, $18, Rita Hazan

2. Splat Hair Chalk

The chalk is packaged in a circular compact and is super easy to apply. You hairspray a strand, run the compact down the shaft, and the chalk transfers to your locks.

The Violet Sky shade actually gave my dark hair a granny, ghostly cast. It also added a piecey texture that spotlighted my long layers, so that was a nice benefit. It can fade quickly, so you will want to load up if your Halloween parties are lasting all weekend long.

Empty the compact and use it all to get the most intense effect or shock of color. If you want to be do the granny or the dead bride thing for Halloween, this is your best bet. It took to my dark hair the best out of everything I tried.

Splat Hair Chalk, $8, Amazon

3. Streekers

These are awesome… if you are a blonde. As recommended, I painted the tips of my hair with blue and red variations, since I have a subtle ombre and my colorist leaves my tips uncolored, so they are always lighter. But the color didn't show up at all. Boo! I so wanted it to work.

Streekers Temporary Hair Color, $12, Amazon

4. Kryolan Color Spray

Kryolan's Color Spray was like spray painting my hair with a burst of red glitter! It's strong and it's messy, so I used it while outside on the front stoop. Messiness aside, the color stayed put. If you're going to be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, and want to match the signature ruby red hue of her slippers to your hair, or if you want to mimic bloody, zombie-style hair, since zombies can sparkle, then this is all you.

It's like a fairy dust bomb exploded in your hair, though.

Color Spray, $10, Kryolan

5. Kryolan AQUACOLOR UV Day Glow Hair Mascara

This faux color product was the easiest to control, thanks to the mascara wand. I could paint my bangs blonde and add faux highlights wherever I wished. It washed out with one shampoo.

Aquacolor UV Day Glow Hair Mascara, $10, Amazon

6. Salon Graffix High Beams Intense Color Spray

I spray painted my hair hot pink. I loved having pink bangs. The color really adhered to my follicles and you could easily see the hot pink against my dark brown locks. I would replicate this look every once in a while for no other reason than I feel like it.

It felt chalky but it rinsed out easily and was not as messy as its peers.

High Beams Intense Temporary Spray on Hair Color, $9, Amazon

Also, Cutler Senior Colorist Rachel Bodt shared some coloring tips with me. She says, "Try Redken Color Rebel Punked Up Pink. It will really pick up on any light pieces that you may have in your hair." She also notes, "If your hair is super dark, you can buy pink extensions and just clip them in for a fun effect. You can try the easy, tape in extensions that last a bit longer."

See! Brunettes can totally color their hair for Halloween.

Redken Color Rebel Punked Up Pink, $5, Amazon

Images: Amy Sciarretto (13); Courtesy Redken (1)