What Is The Dialogue In Adele's "Hello" Music Video? It's Just As Heartbreaking As The Song

There may be an entire weekend between us and the release of Adele's "Hello" music video and single, but I'm still not over it, and I know that many of you out there aren't as well. After all, this is the first new music that we've gotten from Adele in years and, in a single song, she blew every other artist out of the water. It's like we all forgot what music could be like until Adele and her smoky vocals crashed back onto the scene to remind us again. But, while we wait for Adele to sweep next year's Grammys, there's one thing that's been on my mind since I watched the video from start to finish. What is the dialogue in Adele's "Hello" music video? Even while she's singing, Adele is seen carrying on multiple one-sided conversations and arguments with former 90210 star Tristan Wilds, but what is she saying?

The opening of the music video is fairly easy to decipher, as Adele is clearly heard saying, "I've just got here, and I think I'm losing signal already. Hello? Can you hear me now? Sorry. I'm sorry, I'm — Sorry." Aside from what I am already assuming is a very clear reference to the Verizon Wireless Test Man launch, that's pretty much the last time in the music video you can very clearly hear what the singer is saying. So, once more we must ask ourselves, what is the dialogue in Adele's "Hello" music video? I've taken the liberty of trying to figure it out for you.

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When she first finds the letters, and then picks up the phone after her drink of tea, she says:

"Hey, it's me. I was just calling you to say hi, because I thought you would pick up. There was something important I wanted to say. I don't, I don't know why I always call you like this."

The conversation that she and Wilds have as he cooks for her is drowned out by her strong singing of the chorus, although he is clearly heard saying "man to man" while he's standing shirtless before the mirror. When he's sitting on the edge of the bed and begins yelling at her, he says:

"No, this ain't right. This is your life now, right? You can't take anything. Like this. This is exactly what — You're forgetting about what we started."

And then, in the rain, during the second chorus:

"Forget it... F*cking say something."

As if the lyrics weren't heartbreaking enough, the discernible dialogue in the chorus makes it clear that the fight between Adele and Wilds in the music video goes extremely deep, with the kind of issues between them that she can't really solve with a phone call. Am I the only person who wants her next single to be a sequel to this one so I can find out if the two of them ever get back together? Between the song and the dialogue, you can consider me officially invested in how this story ends.

Of course, if you really want to perfectly understand the music video, then the Internet has got you covered with this Adele/Lionel Ritchie music video. Just when you thought it was impossible to improve upon the video...

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Image: AdeleVEVO/YouTube