You Can Customize Your Entire Winter Coat Now

Winter is right around the corner and with it, lots of layers. All of the added bulk can often be frustrating. However, retailer and outerwear company Eddie Bauer is launching Eddie Bauer Custom, which allows for customization of the brand's Microtherm Stormdown Jacket — meaning fashion and function come together in a completely personal way. From the color to the lining to the zipper to the filler, Eddie Bauer claims there are a million possible combos.

That's good news for those of us who live in cold weather climates and have to deal with bitter winters. Winter coats need to be warm and fashionable, IMHO. How cool is it to be able to add little personalized flair?

Here's everything we know about this awesome program that lets you design your own winter jacket.

According to Women's Wear Daily, the custom program will go live online today and will be available at kiosks in eight stores to start. So far, the New York, Oak Brook, Illinois, and San Francisco outposts are offering the technology.

The Microtherm Stormdown jacket, which is fitted, warm, and insulated, according to the product description, is the only coat that can be customized... for now. The technology will likely be applied to other products, like gear and day packs, in 2016. The jackets will cost $249 for non-hooded and $279 for hooded. Those prices apply to both men's and women's options.

The reason Eddie Bauer decided to offer coat customization is because of a prevalent shopping trend. Shoppers expect to be able to personalize products in this day and age. I know that I love to custom create my Converse and Vans sneakers online, with things like skull inner sole lining or by changing the color of the striping I never noticed before.

Eddie Bauer's Damien Huang told WWD that customizable pieces are "almost an expectation for customers today in a lot of categories. We believe our customers want it... This is not just a PR thing, or a gimmick, but an integral part of the customer experience."

They had me at a million possible options. Once the program is live, you can play around with creations and see if it's cost effective for you. At least you know you'll be warm and with a coat that was crafted with your specs.

Image: Eddie Bauer (2): Giphy (1)